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The Yearly Edition Of MisfitWisdom’s, “Who TF Are These People?”

Its come to my attention that too much is coming to my attention, foremost, who the f**k are all these people who keep appearing in “US Weekly” magazine. Like I should give a flying rats ass what Justin Beaver, (Beiber)  … Continue reading

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Canada Claims North Pole!! OMG!! What Happens To Santa?

Yes, earth shattering news from Canada and the North Pole. Canada plans to make a claim to the North Pole in an effort to assert its sovereignty over that area according to reliable sources at the North Pole. Namely elves … Continue reading

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Deep Throat Returns. Ya Just Can’t Keep A Good Thing Down*

*Sorry but I couldn’t help myself with that title for today’s blog. Only those of you familiar with the movie “Deep Throat” will understand that gag…..oops….another pun….sorry. Well, onward…….. As you all know by now, sex sells. Not that I … Continue reading

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Newest “Two & A Half Idiots” Star Kutcher Meets Cast

What the hell are you lookin’ at you damn hockey puck First of all, if you’re reading today’s blog, that means that the world did not come to an end at 6pm yesterday. Which means that the guy on Staten … Continue reading

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