This will be the last EVER of the MisfitWisdom blog in light of our recent election when obviously a majority of “reality show minded” Americans decided that a man with no experience and a reality show star should be our president.

I cannot and will not accept him as the leader of our nation. The reasons are obvious and too many to mention. And, at this point, it really doesn’t matter. Personally, and these are my own feelings like it or not, for 9 years my intent on writing this blog was to give a bit of current event humor to my readers. I can no longer, in light of this past election, find it in my heart or soul to find the incentive or stamina to do that any longer.

(UPDATE) I have opted to move my inane comments and demented opinions to “Steemit” on rare occasions should you care to follow my antics.

Perhaps this article by “Mother Jones” will sum up my sentiments. Thanks to everyone who followed this blog:

Hate Trumps History: A Reality TV Star Wins the White House in a Broken America

There’s no telling what comes next.

America is broken. Into two irreconcilable halves. In a historic and baffling election—after a brutally ugly campaign—Donald Trump, an erratic candidate who campaigned as a bully and a bigot, who demonstrated a weak understanding of crucial policy matters, who set a record for false statements, who encouraged violence, who was caught bragging about committing sexual assault, who hid key information about his life from the public, and who was called by members of his own party a con artist, a racist, and a danger to the nation, won the votes (if not the hearts and minds) of tens of millions of Americans and the keys to the White House. Pocketing a huge majority of non-college-educated white voters, Trump prevented Hillary Clinton from becoming the country’s first woman president. Hate did trump. The Republicans’ animus-driven effort yielded a decisive victory for the reality television celebrity and left the nation bitterly and fundamentally divided.

Pushing a message of inclusion and declaring that “love trumps hate,” Clinton pulled together a diverse coalition of voters reflecting the demographic changes underway in America, much like the majorities assembled by Barack Obama. Trump mounted a demagogic effort fueled by anger, resentment, fear, and lies that appealed mostly to older white guys without much education. The 2016 election, because of Trump’s thuggish conduct and racist and misogynistic statements and actions, marked a severe decline in US political discourse.

This was a campaign of profoundly conflicting attitudes and opposing perspectives. Trump depicted the United States as a down-and-out hell hole, overrun by undocumented Latino immigrants and criminals (including ISIS infiltrators) and sold out by craven political and media elites in league with international bankers (shades of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion). He was the candidate of disruption and chaos, claiming he would be the do-whatever-it-takes, tough-guy champion of Americans who felt screwed over by the powers that be. He was the strongman who could slay the treasonous enemies of American greatness within and single-handedly restore the lives and dreams of hardworking folks and bring about the return of some mythical (whiter?) America. Trump wielded powerful themes: revenge, destruction, and revival. He made big promises; he didn’t sweat the pesky specifics.

Clinton pitched an utterly different view: The United States, a wonderful mixing bowl, was already great and on the mend after the Bush-Cheney recession, but the nation needed to strive in a communal fashion to help those still struggling and become even greater. She was the roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-to-work policy wonk, with oodles of experience to do the job. Her message was more cerebral, not as visceral. Never known as an effective firebrand, Clinton campaigned as if this were a job interview, not a holy crusade. Her motto, “Stronger Together,” was vague but a counter to Trump’s politics of hate and accusation. The opposites were well-defined: bare-knuckled instincts versus deliberative smarts, hot passion versus cool competence, instability versus experience, R versus D, and, yes, macho man versus pioneering woman.

The Clinton-Trump face-off was the most policy-free election of recent decades. As soon as Clinton secured the Democratic nomination and turned toward Trump, her likely opponent, she focused less on the policy differences—of which there were many that cut along traditional D/R and progressive/conservative lines—and aimed at what she figured was his greatest weakness: Trump himself. She made his temperament the key topic. With polls showing he was not a popular or trusted person, this was an obvious strategy, especially since Clinton, too, scored poorly in such polls. She zeroed in on his egotism, his arrogance, his lack of self-control, his divisive and vengeful nature. Could he be trusted with nuclear weapons? With the economy? Top experts on national security and economics said no. Surely, all these people couldn’t be wrong.

Trump even obliged by acting throughout much of the campaign in an egotistical, arrogant, undisciplined, and mean-spirited manner. He lashed out. He engaged in juvenile name-calling. He was obsessed with personal slights—and with himself, constantly praising himself in the third person and citing polls (when they were good) to declare he was the best thing ever. He insulted the parents of an Army captain who lost his life in Iraq. In the wee hours, he tweet-feuded with a former Miss Universe. He was cheered by white supremacists and mainstreamed the alt-right. He allied himself with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who has claimed 9/11 was an inside job (orchestrated or allowed to happen by Republicans!) and who insisted the Sandy Hook shooting massacre was a hoax. Trump’s odd behavior yielded one of the best put-downs of the campaign, courtesy of President Barack Obama: “Over the weekend, his campaign took away his Twitter account. Now, if your closest advisers don’t trust you to tweet, then how can we trust him with the nuclear codes?” Millions of American voters disagreed. (They also told Obama they didn’t give a damn about his legacy. They would elect a racist to replace the first black president.)

Trump’s obvious deficits—his bad temper, his crackpot birtherism, his refusal to release his taxes, his crude and boorish ways, his history of stiffing contractors, his past ties to the mob, his bankruptcies, his ill-informed policy statements, his multiple flip-flops, his climate change denialism, his love affair with Vladimir Putin, his boasts of grabbing women “by the pussy”—were of little concern to a majority of voters (or at least a majority of those in the key swing states). They were either too damn mad or could not stand Clinton. Maybe because she was a woman, maybe because of…whatever. Trump told many more lies than she did, but she was judged untrustworthy.

Policy details—Clinton’s strength—didn’t matter. This was a battle of personalities and abilities. Trump devoted little time to backing up his “Make America Great Again” vow with substance. The only policy he truly seemed to care about was the wall that he vowed he would build on the US-Mexico border with you-know-who paying for it. It was a cure-all for the problems of illegal immigration, ISIS terrorists infiltrating America, and the opioid epidemic in New Hampshire. The old saying is that if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. As one former Trump adviser told me, in the early days of his campaign, his lieutenants made sure that he was always prepared to discuss the wall. That way, if any subject came up that was tough to talk about, he could always pivot to the wall. Former aides noted the obvious: This was a man with attention issues. That itself should have been another disqualification, but it was not.

With Clinton also distrusted by a majority of voters, Trump didn’t need much policy chops. He pummeled her as the embodiment of all that his followers hated and feared about the nation: She was a corrupt, treasonous member of an elite in league with globalists trying to suck the lifeblood out of America. Trump exploited the Clinton and Obama hatred on the right. At rallies and at the GOP convention, his devotees wore “Hillary for Prison 2016” T-shirts and shouted “lock her up.” These were festivals focused on hatred. Trump encouraged this, as if the United States were a phony democracy where politicians attempt to imprison foes. He pledged to send her to jail if he won. (At the end of the final presidential debate, top Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani snarled at me, “She should already be in jail.” For what? He didn’t say.)

Clinton’s email imbroglio handed Trump ammunition for his over-the-top assault. She had screwed up and taken too long to explain and apologize for this misjudgment. Her failure to separate herself from the Clinton Foundation and its funders posed another problem. These controversies were not concocted by the right, but they were certainly not nearly as bad as Trump’s alleged sexual assaults, his lack of transparency, his Trump University fraud case, his former ties to the mob, and his modeling firm’s use of models without work visas. Still, these episodes, often with mainstream media assistance, were hyped beyond reason and allowed Republicans and conservatives to peg their hatred to real-world events. Trump made her the focus of all the wrath he had inspired, and he kept pushing this button: She was a liar, she was crooked, she was a criminal, she was a mobster. He also contended that she was a weak woman who did not look presidential. (Sorting out how sexism affected the 2016 contest—from media coverage to voter attitudes—will be an honorable task in the weeks, months, and years to come.) Trump normalized demonization, tossing aside the standard courtesies of political debate. He made the race a test of trash-talking.

All of this was mirrored in the candidates’ events. Trump rallies were infused with pessimism and rocked with loathing. These were people pissed off at having to press 1 for English and 2 for Spanish; some felt economically insecure, some felt culturally threatened by the changing complexion of the United States. Clinton events were models of earnestness and, dare one say it, hope. Hers looked like America. His were uni-tonal. Politics is often a cultural clash. This race more so than ever. Mars and Venus collided. It was tribal warfare between Trump’s us-against-them nation and Clinton’s we’re-all-in-this-together coalition. The fight was not really over trade policy. It was about which America was ascendant, and the vision of the angry and the lesser educated triumphed. The alt-right, the Ku Klux Klan, the anti-Semites, and, by the way, Vladimir Putin won. (The Russian hack of US democracy worked—an important story that will require deeper exploration in the weeks and months ahead.)

This horrid election settled the primary issue at hand: who will move into the White House. But it did not resolve the fundamental conflicts that animated the most cracked and awful presidential campaign in modern times. The forces of animus have taken control of this country. And there is no telling what comes next.

MisfitWisdom 2016




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Days You Should Be Celebrating In November……One In Particular


That ONE day that anyone with a working brain will be celebrating this month will be November 9th. THE DAY AFTER THE 2016 ELECTION.


1. I will stop frothing out of my mouth.

2. Every time I turn on my television I WILL NOT see another negative TV ad for ANY politician.

3. If Trump loses the only time I’ll hear that name again is if I’m playing a game of Bridge…..hopefully.

3a. If Trump wins I’m keeping a close eye on my “pussycats.” Just sayin.’

4. If Clinton wins I KNOW this years Christmas gift list will be a lot shorter. (those people who “I” unfriended and who “unfriended” me because I voted for Hillary)


For once the dog is right

For once the dog is right

And finally, 5. I can stop taking my tranquilizers.

OK…….now for other less nerve-wracking events this month.

This month is “Aviation History Month.” I usually take advantage of this celebration of Aviation Month by telling certain people who piss me off to go take a flying” f**k.” Seems appropriate don’t ya think?


OK guys…..booby time……heh, heh, heh


November is also “International Drum Month.”

Gene Krupa....the early years

Gene Krupa….the early years

For you readers who have no freakin’ idea who Gene Krupa is, consider him an early version of Phil Collins of Genesis. But much better……….(watch the video below)

“National Novel Writing Month.” Been there – done that.

My non best selling novel

My non best-selling novel…..hey…….at least I tried for cripes sake!!!!


“Peanut Butter Lovers Month.” Um….excuse me….got peanut butter on my keyboard…DAMN!


The beginning of a lifelong relationship between peanut butter and jelly

So, you now have a choice of celebrating the entire month with your choices above, or, if you have a short attention span, or are just short, here’s November’s list of DAYS you can celebrate.

November 2nd is “Plan Your Epitaph Day.” Because, ya never know. If ya catch my drift.


OK, we believe ya now

The 3rd is “Housewife’s Day.” Yes, I know, hard to believe there are still housewife’s around today. But, trust me, there are. I think they all reside in New Jersey.


Mine would be the mermaid. HEY! Gimmie a break. I like fish

“Sandwich Day” we celebrate on November 3rd. Or, as we former Rhode Islander’s pronounce it, “Sangwich Day.”



Once a year writing this nonsensical blog I get to mention King Tut’s Drive-In Restaurant in Beckley, West Virginia. November 4th is “King Tut Day” So, I guess, in honor of the late King Tut, (the dead guy) I went with the restaurant angle only because my other half is from Beckley and it makes her long for a TUT burger and fries. However, check out their sign. When there, I opted for McDonald’s.

Kig Tut Drive In Restaurant, Beckley, West (by Gawd) Virginia

Kig Tut Drive In Restaurant, Beckley, West (by Gawd) Virginia

WAIT! What’s on their menu…………………


Um….fried chicken livers on a pizza? WTF!

“Book Lovers Day” is on the first Saturday of the month which I think falls on November 5th this year. Whatever. If you read books on a Kindle, it may still count as celebrating this day. Not sure.


OK, how about a Yellow Bellied Sapsucker?

“Marooned Without A Compass Day,” or, considering we all have GPS systems now, it could be changed to “Marooned Without A GPS System Day” we celebrate on November 6th.

Tom Hanks after being marooned on an island and finally making it home

Tom Hanks, on his first date after being marooned on an island and finally making it back to civilization

“Saxophone Day” (blow your brains out pal) is on the 6th. Anybody remember Bill Doggett?

Hmmm. Ok….WAIT!


Now if you’re my age, (prehistoric) you’ll immediately think of the good of rock and roll when saxophones ruled. “Honkey Tonk” by Bill Doggett for instance. BUT……..there’s a sexier side of saxophones as well………(trust me on this one)

OH…….and enjoy Candy Dulfer’s outfit and adorable dimples. Oh yeah……the sax too. Or the sex…….as in her outfit.

Want more. Visit Candy’s site for tour info at

“Cook Something Bold Day” is on the 8th.


Bold enough for ya?

Ok….here we go……..tranquilizer day. “U. S. General Election Day.” Or, as many of us laughingly refer to it as, “Politicalclusterfuckday.”



Appropriately following our national elections on the 9th is “Chaos Never Dies Day.”


As in this instance

“The 11th is “Veteran’s Day.” Need I say more.


A MisfitWisdom salute to all veterans

One of my favorite days in November is “Sadie Hawkins Day.” Created by cartoonist Al Capp many eons ago as part of his “Lil Abner” comic strip which appeared in many daily newspapers.

Here’s how it all began.

Al Capp Sadie Hawkins origin second....

AND….the plan………………and end result…………………sadie2

If you’ve ever had an operation, today is the day you need to give thanks to all operating room nurses as November 14th is “Operating Room Nurse Day.” They deserve a lot of respect. If only for having to endure the site of an endoscopy tube being shove up some guys butt. Not a pretty site.



What you don’t see when your under some really great drugs

The 15th is “Clean Your Refrigerator Day.” Or, as we call it here at the MisfitWisdom household, “Mold Containment Day.”


“National Philanthropy Day” (the day when any of my followers who have hit the lottery are supposed to share with me) is on November 15th.


“Button Day” we celebrate on the 16th. Why? Who TF knows.


“Electronic Greeting Card Day” is on the 17th. Considering a lot of us have opted to save a buck (cheapskates) and send greeting cards by e-mail, if you get one of those electronic greeting cars, show your appreciation by sending them this thank you card for caring so much.jesus-loves-you-idiot-shirtThis entire blog, so far, has been absurd…so to speak…which I just did. So, to honor this blog, along with absurdity, I will celebrate “Absurdity Day” on November 20th.


A woman’s favorite pet

“False Confession Day” is on the 21st. Um….been there……done that. Um…er…..I’m going to hell aren’t I.


Ah feel yer pain Pinocchio

Considering this election this year, “Evolution Day” is on November 24th. Have we REALLY evolved?


I rest my case


Yes, we all know….the bird is the word on the 24th. “Thanksgiving.”


Give a turkey an inch and he takes a mile

The 24th is “Shopping Reminder Day.” Which works for men. But do ya REALLY have to remind ANY woman to shop!!!!


My thoughts while shopping

FINALLY…….on November 27th, ………………………Hmmmmm…..maybe I should keep all of you on pins and needles.

Ah, screw it……the 27th is “Pins and Needles Day.”




Ok……that’s it folks. Now more of enduring the next few days until November 8th. Should sanity prevail, I’ll be back with my normal nonsense. Providing of course, I still have followers after taking over a month off.

For the entire list of days you can celebrate visit

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Just Popping In……..

Yep….still on a self-imposed exile from my blog until November 9th. Why….well, this for one………..

Need I say more......

Need I say more……

Anyhow…..there will be a usual post on November 1st as usual as I do on the 1st of every month entitled “Days You Should Be Celebrating in November.

Until after the election………..see ya then. Thanks to my loyal followers for sticking by and still accessing my archives,


MisfitWisdom 2016

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The Day The Music Died……for the second time -Bobby Vee – 4/30/1943 -10/24/2016


Today, October 24th, we lost yet another rock legend. Bobby Vee from the complications of Alzheimer’s disease. he was 73.

Bobby, a star in his own right, will forever be linked to a moment in time. February 3, 1959.

The Day The Music Died.

It was a cold Winter night on  February 3, 1959 just outside of Clear lake, Iowa. A small plane carrying rock and roll performers Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. Richardson (The Big Bopper) took off after all three performed a concert called “The Winter Dance Party Tour” and were headed to another one in Moorehead, Minnesota via Fargo, North Dakota.vee2

The plane never made it. All three performers were killed in a crash along with the pilot in a snowy field. That day became known as “The Day the Music Died” as immortalized in Don McLean’s song, “American Pie.vee1

Three lives ended in an instant. But with that tragedy, a bit of irony.

As that old saying goes, “the show must go on.” And that it did in Fargo, North Dakota with the rest of the performers that were performing with Holly, Richardson and Valens. Including Dion DiMucci who opted not to fly on that ill-fated flight along with, at that time, a backup guitarist named Waylon Jennings who also opted not to fly and gave up his seat to Richardson.

J.P. Richardson, (The Big Bopper) Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens

J.P. Richardson, (The Big Bopper) Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens

Looking for yet another act to fill in that night concert officials asked a then 15 year-old Bobby Vee to hastily put together a band and fill in. Vee did just that with a band he called “The Shadows” and went on stage that night and that’s how his career began. Followed by his first big hit “Suzie Baby.”

Reflecting on that night and a memorial album he recorded in memory of those three rock stars, Vee put it this way:

“Like so many other people, I became a Buddy Holly fan the very first time I heard him sing. I’ve been a fan ever since and I guess I always will be. I remember a few years ago when Buddy was scheduled to appear at a dance in my home town of Fargo, North Dakota. It was going to be a big event for the whole town, but even more so for me. I was anxiously looking forward to seeing Buddy in action.

The day he was to arrive disaster struck, taking Buddy’s life, along with the lives of two other fine singers, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. The shocking news spread through Fargo very quickly. The local radio station broadcast a plea for local talent to entertain at the scheduled dance. About a week before this, I had just organized a vocal and instrumental group of five guys. Our style was modelled after Buddy’s approach and we had been rehearsing with Buddy’s hits in mind. When we heard the radio plea for talent, we went in and volunteered. We hadn’t even named the group up to that time, so we gave ourselves a name on the spot, calling ourselves The Shadows. We appeared at the dance and were grateful to be enthusiastically accepted. Soon afterwards, I made my first record. It was called “Suzie Baby” and I was pretty lucky with it; it was a fair-sized hit.

For some time now, I have wanted to make an album in tribute to Buddy, but I wasn’t sure it was the proper thing to do. However, during the past year, I have received many requests to do such an album. These requests came not only from my fans and from DJs, but also from Buddy’s loyal following—still a large group of devoted fans. It…. gave me the confidence to do the album. From “Suzie Baby” to this present album, I have made many records, but I have never forgotten Buddy Holly and his influence on my singing style and my career.”

Vee went on to become a bona fide star and regularly performed at the Winter Dance Party memorial concerts in Clear Lake. His sons are all musicians and have performed with him there.      (source Wikipedia)

So, in memory of Bobby, here are some of his greatest hits. Beginning with his first record, “Suzie Baby.” Listen for the signature Buddy Holly hiccup.

His next release was “Devil or Angel.

Still well into the 60’s the hits continued with this uptempo song, “Rubber Ball.”

But my all time favorite Bobby Vee song was this next one. If you’ve ever spent time in detention in High School you’ll be able to relate to this one, as I did. “Stayin’ In.”

And then, “Take Good Care Of My Baby.”

“More Than I Can Say” also in 1961

“Run To Him” on Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand.”

And, if you were a Peeping Tom, hey, this could have been your theme song, “The Night Has A Thousand Eyes.”

And, finally in our tribute to Bobby, his last big hit, “Come Back When You Grow Up.”

Thanks for the music Bobby.

MisfitWisdom October 2016






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Days You Should Be Celebrating In October To Get Your Mind Off Election Hype….Or Not.

october1 As all of you may know by now, I have not been writing my blog nonsense for a few weeks. In fact, I’ve taken a vow not to write until after the election in November. The exception being my monthly blog of events you should be celebrating just to keep your sanity what with all the insane stuff on the Internet. There is NO possibility of engaging in a civil conversation with ANYONE this election cycle.


Oh yeah………I recognize ya now pal……….nice idiot costume

As an example, I present to you one comment that appeared on my Facebook page because I support Hillary Clinton. Which further proves my point.

hows this one…fuck you libtard.”

There ya go………I rest my case. So, that said, which I  just did, if you need a break from all this election BS here are some days you can celebrate without getting someone pissed off at you and calling you, as in my case, “a fucking libtard.” Then again…ya never know.

Anyhow……let’s all calm down and see what we can occupy our days with until this national election circus is over. First, celebrations the entire month of October:

Such as “Adopt A Shelter Dog Month.”

mmWhich also covers any guy in the doghouse…your choice.doghouse-cart

“Computer Learning Month” is also allmonth-long. My advice………learn to keep your stinkin’ cat off your computer.



October is also “Cookie Month.” The ones you eat and not the ones your computer insists on attaching.


I’m suffering from chocolate chip cookie withdrawal


But….a lot cheaper

Also, “Eat Country Ham Month.”


Similar to cat fur if you own a cat

And, “National Pizza Month.” Like we all need an excuse to eat pizza ANY month.


Yep….I’ve already lost 80 pounds

Also, a reminder, NEVER eat hot pizza until it cools down a bit.


Jusssst in case you’re a vegetarian, there’s “National Vegetarian Month.”


And our last monthly celebration, “Sarcastic Month.”


Nothing worse than a sarcastic bird

WAIT!!!! How about a sarcastic guy……..


OR…..a sarcastic guy with male logic.


Makes sense to me

Now for our daily celebrations. October 2nd is “Name Your Car Day.” Why? Who TF knows.


Which is why I named her “Easy.” She never sez, “not tonight dear” when I wanna take her for a drive.

The 3rd is “Virus Appreciation Day.” Now why anyone would appreciate a virus is beyond me. Unless you’re looking for an excuse to skip work of course.


The 4th is “National Kale Day.” Obviously celebrated only by women based on the fact that men hate kale, spinach, and broccoli.



Bet it was a male hand

The 7th is “Bald and Free Day.”


Works for me……um……the “rich” part.

The day everyone knows in October is Columbus Day” on the 9th. Remember those three famous ships, the Nina, Pinta and Santa Monica…um…no……


Hmmm…..maybe it was the Santa Maria Shriver

Then, of course, lest we forget “Leif Erickson Day” also on the 9th.



The 10th is “International Newspaper Carrier Day.” If you were ever a newspaper carrier you know how hard it was to collect payments from your subscribers each month. Personally I never had that problem when I went to collect payments.


Because I was Italian

“It’s My Party Day” we celebrate on October 11th. So, in memory of Lesley Gore, who sang, “It’s My Party,” here’s her song.


“Old Farmer’s Day” is on the 12th. However, if you happen to be a young farmer, and are tired of hanging around animals, there’s hope for you. “” dating site. Caution… guarantee you will not link up with an animal.


Throughly udderly modern

“Moment of Frustration Day” is on October 12th. Living with my other half I can relate to this and WILL celebrate this day.


Little uptight are ya dear?

“Friday The 13th Day” is on……um…er…hold on a sec…(checking) Oh yeah, Friday the 13th.


Like a cartoonists panel fallin’ on ya.

My favorite day in October is because I get to use one of my favorite cartoons. “Dictionary Day” on the 16th.

With fucking Splenda please

With fucking Splenda please

The 17th is “Wear Something Gaudy Day.” Considering the only clothes I wear are jeans, sweatshirts and T-shirts, I can’t celebrate this day. Now my other half……..oops…I think I’m in trouble.


If you’re not sure where your life is headed, October 19th is “Evaluate Your Life Day.”


Another one of my favorite days this month is “Mother-In-Law day” on the 22nd. Yes, I DO celebrate this day because, (thank Gawd) I do not have a mother-in-law.


“National Bologna Day.” (or baloney as I like to call it) is on the 24th. If you’re full of baloney, hey, go out and celebrate today pal.


“Frankenstein Friday” (usually on the 27th or the last Friday in October) you can hike out to your local cemetery and search for spare parts. OR………if you’re into torch carrying just stroll through your town screaming, “death to the monster.”


What happens when you hire inferior help

The 29th is “Hermit Day.” I am officially in the hermit stage now until after election day. I will be attending the Annual Hermit Convention through November 8th


Along with my other half and my friend Tom Santos

As if Frankenstein Friday wasn’t enough there’s “National Frankenstein Day” which we can celebrate on the 29th.


Um………depends Pete. If there are hot women in Hell send the bottom parts down below.

And finally, probably the most important day in October, at least for kids, “Halloween,” on the 31st. Check your kids candy stash carefully mom and dad………..jussssst to be on the safe side. Especially the candy corn.Where candy corn comes from...So, there ya have it, knock yourselves out celebrating these days.

Me……I’m gonna celebrate “Increase Your Psychic Powers Day” on October 31st and see just how good those fortune tellers really are.

I see Misfit that this blog will now be finished

I see Misfit that this blog will now end

Boy….is she good.

That’s it folks. Enjoy October. I’ll be laying low till after the election, and I’ll see ya on my November edition of days you should be celebrating.

Thanks to for a list of days.

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OK…I’ve Officially Lost It



Yep….today I have officially lost it. I’m referring to my tolerance for anyone who supports Donald Trump for president after his most recent comments regarding the birther issue and his all too obvious comments about what to do about Hillary Clinton.

Just in case you were under a rock I’ll bring you up to date. Trump now says he believes President Obama was born in the United States. BUT….blames Hillary for starting the birther movement. Yet…..if you dare to read any comments on this or any social media or news site you will find people who, even though it’s a blatant lie, and has been proven false, still claim as “fact” that Hillary started the birther movement.trump-scum3

(the beginning of my losing it)

Then he makes a statement saying that the Secret Service protecting Hillary  should stop carrying guns and “then let’s see what happens to her.”

There’s no other way to take that comment other than he’s hoping some wingnut would take her out.

Here’s just one article of many:

Trump Tries To Change The Subject From Birtherism By Suggesting Hillary Clinton Be Shot

The Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service detail should disarm, “Take their guns away. Let’s see what happens to her.”

Trump Tries To Change The Subject From Birtherism By Suggesting Hillary Clinton Be Shot

While speaking at a campaign rally in Miami, Florida (which he referred to as Ohio a few times), Donald Trump suggested once again that Hillary Clinton might be assassinated.

Telling another lie about Clinton, this time claiming she’s going to abolish the Second Amendment, Donald Trump put the cherry on his fail of a lying birther day by suggesting Hillary Clinton might be shot.

The Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service detail should disarm, “Take their guns away. Let’s see what happens to her.”

Watch here:

“I think that Clinton’s bodyguards should drop all weapons- they should disarm. They should disarm immediately, what do you think? Let’s see what happens to her.”

Trump said this after being called out for lying for blaming Hillary Clinton for his own birtherism. So this is how Trump tries to change the subject when he’s caught lying.

Donald Trump was spoken to by the Secret Service the last time he suggested his opponent might be shot if she won. Trump adviser Al Baldasaro told a radio host that Clinton “should be put in the firing line and shot for (fictional) treason, and later explained that he wanted Clinton shot for (fictional) treason, not assassinated.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you spell deplorable.

I agree 100%.

Remember, as an example of how insane he is, HE called Iowa voters stupid…………….


Might be an Iowa billboard

Therefore and forsooth, I am suspending my “humor” blog until after the November election when (hopefully) sanity will once again become the norm and we can act civil towards one another. Or not…….depending on the election outcome.

Which, might turn out to be another reality show………trumscum7

So, to wrap things up, I WILL continue to post my “Days You Should Be Celebrating” feature on the 1st of each month as that has nothing to do with politics.

So, I’m going to renew my prescription for real heavy strength tranquilizers, relax, get some projects done, maybe write another  book, or lay low until November. Should you wish to come back after all this insanity is over, thanks. Should you wish to dump this blog, your choice.

In any event…….thanks to those who continue to follow this blog. To those who will opt to come back in November.

And to those who choose to bail out…….see ya.

Just sayin.’


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Beam Me Up Scotty…..Before I Lose It.


Yep, for the most part I have been a very rational person all of my life. Cept for that one time I posed for “Playgirl Magazine” when I was a disc jockey on a dare. Still don’t know where those pics are. I suspect if I ever ran for political office they’d surface.

But, doesn’t matter, because, 1. I’m NEVER gonna run for any political office because I have such a disdain for politicians that I’d never wanna be one. And 2. Even if I did run for office, as Donald Trump once said, “I could walk down 5th Avenue and shoot someone and they’d still love me.” So WTF would a few naked pics mean in today’s political environment. Nada.

But, that said, I have to once again go to two things that got my goat this week. That is if I actually had a goat, which I do not, but if I did have one, it would get to him as well.

'Your Honor, the witness is just trying to get my goat.'

First, Hillary Clinton’s comment that Trump supporters are, to condense it a bit, really off the wall. Now she got a lot of flack for that for saying 1/2 of Trump’s supporters are close to be being insane. (my interpretation of what she meant)

And, to put it in perspective a bit, here’s an editorial cartoon to sum it up:trump-supports-clinton

Now I wouldn’t have gone so far as to say 1/2 but for sure a lot of them. For instance, take this event in Ashville, North Carolina this past week:trump-cold-cock-lady

69-Year-Old Says She Was ‘Cold-Cocked’ by Trump Supporter During Protest (VIDEO)
— Mediaite (@Mediaite) September 14, 2016

“Speaking to local WLOF, Shirly Teter, a 69-year-old senior citizen was part of a group of protesters at a Trump campaign event in Ashville, North Carolina. While the protest was described as “peaceful,” supporters of the former host of “The Apprentice” confronted the group, and that’s when the situation took a turn for the worse. Teter explained that the last thing she remembered was being heckled by a Trump supporter, to which she replied “you better learn to speak Russian,” or something similar. It was at this time that Teter was “cold-clocked,” and knocked down to the ground, landing directly on her oxygen tank in the process. Various arrests were made at the event, but it was unknown if Teter’s attacker was one of them.”

Yes there are loose cannons out there. Which is why Hillary made that statement. Deny it if you wish, but the facts speak for themselves. You cannot carry on a civil discussion about either candidate without someone smacking ya or resorting to vile comments. Perhaps why this is the worst presidential campaign I have ever seen in my lifetime, and hopefully the last with respect to the conduct of some people.beam5

A few people have asked me why I support Hillary. My one word response……”experience.”

Do I personally give a huge rats ass about her health, her e-mails, the Benghazi witch hunt, Bill Clinton’s blow job, or that she doesn’t smile enough? F**k no. WTF has that got to do with who is the most qualified to be in the oval office?

Or….to use Republicans favorite 1/2 cut off Benghazi quote: “What difference does it make” (cut end off quote)

Now all that said, which I just did, if you want to vote for someone like Trump because you absolutely hate Hillary and THAT’S the bottom line. Fine. Your vote, your choice. And I’m NOT going to down you for that as this is a free country. (last time I checked) So vote your hearts out on election day.

But, to resort to name calling, lies, and slapping people around…..totally unacceptable. If you disagree with me, then you DO fall into that category of people that Hillary was talking about in her comment.beam9

Personally, I will not lower myself to those deplorable standards. The election process has worked fine for years. The only exception was when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of George Bush over Al Gore when Gore received the popular vote. But, hey, that’s ancient history and I’m not going to dwell on that.

It, so far, has been a he said she said campaign unlike all others. There is no civility, no common sense, no respect for the system or the facts for that mater. Facts do not exist or mean anything anymore. It’s the sound bites and the slurs and the lies that matter. How sad.

So when I say, “Beam Me Up Scotty” I actually wish that were possible. At least until this whole election nightmare is over and done with.

I find it hard to write a blog with humor when so much hatred surrounds us on this 24/7/365 negative news down your throat reporting. And all networks and news media outlets are responsible for all this hatred as well. They do not and should not get a free pass.

And editorial cartoonists as well who will either piss you off because their slamming your candidate, regardless of the validity of their point. Examples:Trump University




So, as a humor writer, and a very logical person, I’m kinda upset at what I am witnessing. So much so that my blog posts have been not as consistent as I’d like them to be because I fail to see a lot of humor they way things are going, or, more likely a reason, as I stated earlier, you can’t logically have a discussion on politics and state facts, and that depresses me.beam2

To my blog readers, bear with me. I will from time to time find something humorous to cheer you up, but not as much as I’d like to. Perhaps after all this is over in November I’ll be back on track.

In the meantime, you can always go to the MisfitWisdom archives to enlighten your day, and on occasion I might drop in and find something humorous to write about, excluding politics.

Thanks for your support…..hang in there.

(For an in depth insight, should you actually care, go to “The National Memo” and read this article:

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