Do You Remember What News Was Like Before Fox News?

To set the tone for today’s blog, jussssssssssssst in case you Fox New addicts care to bail out…….fox toilet

Soooo, another bigggggg news story about how Planned Parenthood sells baby parts. OMFG!

But, I’m NOT gonna debate all this broo ha ha over edited videos, false statements, he said she said and Fox News slants on this story. You sort it all out if you’re smart enough to actually do some factual research on this story.

Which is doubtful, considering, as I like to say, “facts” tend to cloud up the issues.

That said, which I just did, can any of you remember the good old days when news was actually news and we actually (gasp) trusted news commentators to tell it like it was. What a freakin’ concept.

Imagine. Actually reporting the truth in the news.

BUT……along came Fox News and political agendas and that all went down the ol tubes.

Now, it’s anything goes for the sake of who you can get to believe what you’re reporting and who will buy into you’re bullshit.

BUT (again) there WERE “so-called” news outlets that preceded Fox News waaaaaaaaaaay back when we were all so naive and innocent, but smart enough not to believe everything we read. Well….at least some of us.

Here’s some examples of stories we laughed at, (cept for the brain-dead zombies) and what perhaps led up to what Fox News does today.


Husband immediately kills her

Now if MY wife gave birth to ANYTHING at age 70 I’d be screaming out what Redd Fox used to yell out: “Elizabeth, ahm comin’ to join ya…I’m havin’ the big one!!!!”redd foxx
Now you all know as well as I do that if this next headline were broadcast by Fox News sure as hell a lot of people would actually believe it. Because, as we all know, if it’s on Fox News, it’s gotta be the truth.


And the birthers would say it was Obama


OK…..This next one says Abraham Lincoln was a woman.

Yeah, right, if Abraham Lincoln was a woman Caitlyn Jenner used to be a guy.

Um….wait….Caitlyn Jenner was a guy.

Ok…..I’ll cut this one some slack here.


Abby Lincoln

This next one is kind of believable. Only because I’ve met a few women who wore wigs and I think it is possible to sneeze and blow their hair off.

Might have to contact Dolly Parton and see if that EVER happened to her.



Now if Fox News reported this story today it could be a bit deceiving. Considering the Yankees and Mets are from New York, so what are the odds of a “bat boy” being sighted in a NYC subway. Might cut Fox some slack on this one too.


Actually I’m a bat boy for the Red Sox

This next one most likely is an optical illusion. I figure the person was lying on the beach next to a dead fish and the top of the person’s body is obscured by the fish. But, for the sake of a really good sensational story, WTF, go with the half-human half-fish angle. Hey…sells newspapers.


Sounds kinda fishy to me

And lastly, if Fox News reported this story I’d have to believe it.

Only because I own, or they own me, three cats and at times I actually feel they could kill me. Ever try to pick up a cat that has bigggggg claws and they don’t wanna be picked up.


I’m innocent I tell ya….innocent!!!!

So, in conclusion, when ya watch Fox News, think of days gone by eons ago when those newspapers tried to get us all fired up with the headlines I just posted. And before ya go ballistic, go,on social media sites and go berserk, might wanna do some fact checking.

I know that’s a unusual concept to consider, but give it a shot. Otherwise you tend to look like….um….er…….(thinking)

Oh yeah……………………

Why there are so many....

Why there are so many….

Just sayin.’

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*Considering That……………………..(part 2)


A “repost” of a special blog.

Originally posted on MisfitWisdom:


*Considering that its been over a week since I grovelled for donations so that I could make it possible to publish my book, (Forgotten”) on those two pilots who were killed in my town back in 1944, and have received two donations, one through  …………….  and  one through my PayPal account…..I’m reposting this blog once again from July 19th.

From this point on, should you care to donate to help make this book a reality, while at the same time helping to fund a permanent memorial to these two pilots, I’ll simply post the “gofund me” link at the end of each blog.

So, here’s the original blog.

My first option was to sell my body. However, at my age, that shouldn’t have even been an option considered. (sigh)

Exactly my pointExactly my point

My second option was to stand on a street corner with a sign begging for donations…

View original 779 more words

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Damn! I Got Infected By Yet Another Musical *Ear Worm

“Ear Worm” – A song that gets stuck in your head and you can’t get rid of it.earworm3

I have no freakin’ idea why certain songs get stuck in my head. Now here’s how it happens.

The only time I EVER listen to music is in my truck when I’m driving, which sometimes is very difficult considering my other half never sez a word to me until I turn on the CD and attempt to listen to some songs.

Yep…..complete silence until I hit that play button.

Like this………

“Hey….did ya hear what I said??


“I SAID, did you hear what I just said to you.”

“Um, wait a sec and let me turn off my CD. Ok, now what is it that you said?’

“I SAID, isn’t it funny how those ferns grow out of rocks on that hill over there and you can’t get grass to grow in our yard.”

“Um…THAT’S what you wanted me to hear?”

“Well, I was just making conversation and you had that damn CD blasting.”

“I HAD that damn CD blasting because you weren’t saying anything so I figured I listen to some of my oldies.”

“FINE……….turn the damn thing back up.”

(NOTE) It is a proven scientific fact that if you drive any distance with a woman in a car she will not say a word the entire trip until you attempt to play a music CD.

So, anyhow, I proceed to listen to some of my favorite oldies that I personally recorded from my vast collection on 45’s which I transferred to CD so that I could listen to them in the truck, between those important comments made by my other half.

Now each CD contains 20 songs. Most of which I put on each CD because I sold all of my 45’s some years ago because I had no need for them once I transferred them to CD.

However, some songs I really didn’t want on CD, BUT, put them on just to save them because I wanted my entire collection to be saved on CD.

Henceforth and forsooth some songs I really don’t like, but saved them anyhow.

Sooooo, what happens? Yep, one of those songs pops up that I’m not too crazy about and THAT SONG is the freakin’ one that gets stuck in my head for days on end……otherwise known as an ear worm.


Example of a verrrry contagious ear worm song

So, I figure it this way. If “I” get stuck with THIS ear worm song, I’m gonna try to make the rest of you suffer as well by loading it up in this blog and see if it gets stuck in your head.

Warning. This song is a simple catchy tune, BUT, it is completely possible that you too may become infected. You have been warned.


So, if you think you can listen to it without becoming infected, go ahead, listen to it. But don’t blame me if it gets stuck in your brain for the next week or so.

So here ya go……do you feel safe….do ya punk?

In the meantime, I have surgery scheduled to try to get this one that’s locked into my head removed.

Gawd knows what ear worm song I’ll become infected with next.


Thank GHawd Doc....that damn Eddie Hodges song was drivin' me nuts!

“Thank Gawd Doc….that damn Eddie Hodges song was drivin’ me nuts!”

DONATE to the MisfitWisdom fund to publish “Forgotten,” a book written about two WWII pilots killed in an air crash in 1944. You can go to:

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It’s Thursday. I’m Kinda Down. Um…Think I Need A Shot Of Rock and Roll


Soooo many bad news stories, and sooooo little time for the media to remind us of what a terrible world we live in. And, as we all know, it’s all Obama’s fault. So, let’s have a bigggggggggggg cheer for the Internet hate trolls, the media, and…….oh yeah, my idiotic town First Selectman who has to be the biggest ahole I’ve ever met.

Week 5 of never responding to an e-mail or a (gasp) snail mail (USPS) letter I sent to him.

(I live in Preston, Ct. so look his name up on the Web or just key in town officials)

But, that said…..which I just did, just to let him know how I feel, as well as the other residents in my town, I’m NOT gonna let the SOB get me down. Nope.depressed1

Instead, I think I’ll take a shot of R&R and dedicate some songs to him while at the same time energizing my brain. Rock and Roll helps. So….enjoy.

Love that Dylan line, “You know what a drag it is to be you……”

Of course one needs to compare a lot of politicians to dogs now and then, no disrespect to dogs mind you, but……………………………….

Upon discovering that 'dog' can be used as a derogatory term.

Now I don’t mind if the idiot at least sent me back a letter telling me to get lost, or take a long walk off of a short dock, or anything to that effect, but at least some response. After all, he IS supposed to represent the voters isn’t he?

Um….maybe not. He kinda gets automatically reelected so I guess he feels he only has to represent those who voted for him. Yep…I did not….for the very reasons I wrote this blog. (past experience in sending him a letter)

Of course HE could blame Obama and say he never got my e-mail or letter because somehow Obama had something to do with it. Makes sense to me.

Oops….need another shot of R & R………………………..maybe something about being vain.

Hmmmmm…..vain……hmmm…………………this might do….kinda…..

Ok….I’ve vented enough today………I feel much better……honest……..


Soreeeeeeee, I just need oneeeeeeeeeeee more to place this guy in a certain category along with those who think he does such a great job…………

Hey….if the shoe fits…..wear it. Yes…….I too am one at times….BUT………..I ALWAYS respond to my e-mails, letters, phone calls, blog comments and the IRS.

OK…OK…..maybeeeeeeeeeee not the IRS.

Ok……….NOW I feel much better.

DONATE to help publish my new book “Forgotten” at PayPal:

(When my book is finally published, with your help, all book proceeds will go to a proposed memorial for the two World War II pilots who were killed in a crash over the skies of Preston, Ct. in 1944)

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*Considering That……………………..(part 2)



*Considering that its been over a week since I grovelled for donations so that I could make it possible to publish my book, (Forgotten”) on those two pilots who were killed in my town back in 1944, and have received two donations, one through  …………….  and  one through my PayPal account…..I’m reposting this blog once again from July 19th.

From this point on, should you care to donate to help make this book a reality, while at the same time helping to fund a permanent memorial to these two pilots, I’ll simply post the “gofund me” link at the end of each blog.

So, here’s the original blog.

My first option was to sell my body. However, at my age, that shouldn’t have even been an option considered. (sigh)

Exactly my point

Exactly my point

My second option was to stand on a street corner with a sign begging for donations. However, there were no available street corners in my town that were available due to the various hot dog vendors, homeless people, Girl Scout’s hawking their cookies and one old guy with a dog asking for donations. And… hooker jumping from corner to corner which pissed me off. Hooker street corner hog.

Then I thought about calling one of my credit card companies begging them to extend my credit. So I called, and by the time the guy got through laughing, I figured that was a clue that they weren’t gonna extend me any more credit. Bastards.fund9

I then considered making my own donation jars and placing them in stores. Cept I only go to two stores so what are the freakin’ odds of making enough cash to publish a book. HEY! I live in a damn rural area where if ya plug in your electric razor all the lights in town dim.

Now you all know I also posted those newspaper articles that my local newspapers published on the crash site, our trek up to the crash site, us fighting off gnats and my encounter with a damn snake. Yep….posted them on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, The Publishers Clearing House site, and on that Christian Mingles dating site.

No….I don’t belong to that Christian Mingles site, but I figured, what the hell, Christians are a giving people and if any of them couldn’t find their matches, and are sitting home alone with pockets full of money that they would have spent on a date, had they found one, what the hell, send some my way.

That didn’t work either. Must be a lot of Christian’s out there who found their matches. Or, not being able to find their match, subscribed to Playboy Magazine….if ya catch my drift.fund2

Then I started to get desperate.

Hmmm. How about I rent my cats out to people who have no cats. Then I realized that the world is inundated with cats, so why in the hell would anyone want to rent one.

Then I thought about saving up enough from my next SS check and going to the casino and playing a progressive slot machine and winning gazillions and that would solve all of my problems. However, considering I’m only able to save twenty bucks out of my check every month, I figure the odds of hitting a machine are zilch.

So there were not too many options left for me to consider.

Other than bank robbery, and that was out because my truck is old and can barely get out of its own way. Besides, it’s a stick shift and by the time I get through all the 5 gears a police cruiser, or several, would have nailed me before I ever got out of the bank parking lot.

Might make for a nice YouTube video however.

This guy beat me to THIS idea.....

This guy beat me to THIS idea…..

Oh yeah, I DID call my bank and whined to them about needing funds for my book and I swear they sounded like the same guy at the credit card company. Don’t ya just hate it when ya ask a serious question and people laugh at ya.fund10

I also considered holding myself hostage until enough funds were received, but, the last time I attempted that tactic, I let myself go because my other half bought a box of chocolate covered donuts and didn’t wanna miss out on those.

So, I said to myself today, “Self, post one more blog on my fund-raising efforts and perhaps THIS TIME people may come through. Hey….nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Not that I’ve EVER ventured and gained anything.

Including this tactic....

Including this tactic….

So, today is my last on-line blog plea asking for donations to publish my book on the lives of the two pilots killed in that air crash in 1944. All donations can be made by accessing the “PayPal” link at the bottom of this page. ALL donations will be put towards publishing this book and ALL proceeds above what it costs me to publish, will be donated to the memorial fund to erect a permanent monument to those two pilots.

Anyone donating will have their names printed in the book as having made publication possible.

Should the memorial fund goal not be met after my book has been published, all proceeds from my book will be donated to the memorial fund as well until the monument is erected.

So that’s it for today’s grovelling folks.

Cept for the grovelling I do on a constant basis at home for you know what.


Sorry, I’m you’re typical male slug. (sigh)

The donate link to PayPal for donations is:

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Fundraising Request From A (sigh) Humble MisfitWisdom


Yes, I am humble. Um….what exactly does humble mean anyhow?


According to my handy-dandy Internet dictionary this is what humble means:

adjective, humbler, humblest.

not proud or arrogant; modest:

to be humble although successful.

having a feeling of insignificance, inferiority, subservience, etc.:

In the presence of so many world-famous writers I felt very humble.

low in rank, importance, status, quality, etc.; lowly:

of humble origin; a humble home.

courteously respectful:

In my humble opinion you are wrong.

low in height, level, etc.; small in size:

a humble member of the galaxy.

Hmmmm. 1. Not proud or arrogant; modest. To be humble although successful.

Well…um……the first part yes, the second part “successful,” no freaking way.

The 2nd one there. Yep…I feel insignificant all the time. My other half agrees too. (sigh)

3, low in rank? Well, I only made it to a private first class in the Army. Guess that counts as being low in class.

4, Hey, I’m ALWAYS respectful. Cept when some jerk cuts me off when I’m driving. Um, if you were one of those jerks………soreeeee.

5, Now I definitely fit into this humble category. Cripes, I’m only 5’4″.

Ok…I guess I qualify for humble status, which brings me to my humble fundraising plea.humble1

My newest book, “Forgotten” is about two Navy pilots who were killed in a mid-air collision over my town, (Preston, Ct.) on October 19th 1944. They were forgotten for over 70 years until our local VFW erected a small memorial on the grounds of the Preston Public Library and now they are raising funds for a permanent memorial. (see article below)DSCF0338

I wanted to write a book about these two pilots, their lives, dreams, and their families, so that they would no longer just be identified as two pilots in an air crash that many people never heard about.

I’ve spent several months conducting interviews with their families, research on the lives of both pilots, visiting the crash site as well as the air base they flew out of on that fateful night, and have compiled what I think is a book that will serve as a memorial to both pilots as well as a sense of remembrance and pride for their families.

The problem here is publishing costs as I am footing the bill for this book to be published.

Here’s the “humble” part.

To all of my followers on WordPress who have enjoyed reading the nonsense I write, you know that I always include a “PayPal” donate link at the bottom of each blog. Of course, over the years (5) I’ve received three donations, which were greatly appreciated, but now I’m humbly asking anyone who would like to make a donation towards getting this book to print, to contribute. Any amount, whatever, will be put towards this goal.

The publishing cost in total is only $847, but to me, on a fixed income, it might as well be $84,700,00.

This is just a shot in the dark, so to speak, but I figured I’d give it a try. Anyone who donates will have their name published at the end of the book as making it possible. Should I achieve that publishing amount goal, any donations over that amount of $847 will be donated to the memorial committee in Preston. Also, should the memorial committee not reach its goal to establish a permanent memorial after my book is published, all royalties from my book will be donated to the memorial fund until their goal is achieved.

Thanks to all.

(UPDATE) Donations as of 7/18/15……………0

The Donate Link to PayPal:


Veterans Council launches fundraiser to honor WWII pilots

Preston — Navy ensigns George K. Kraus and Merle H. Longnecker didn’t grow up in this region, but the Norwich Area Veterans Council and a local author want to make sure the two World War II Navy pilots are not forgotten in southeastern Connecticut.

Kraus, 22, Wauwatosa, Wisc., and Longnecker of New Rockford, N.D., just eight days shy of his 21st birthday, were flying “Hellcat” fighter planes out of the Charlestown, R.I., Naval Auxiliary Air Field in a night training exercise on Oct. 19, 1944.

Their planes collided over the Laurel Hill in Norwich and crashed in the deep woods on the Norwich State Hospital property.

Pieces of the wreckage are still visible, and a sign nailed to a tree asks the few visitors who hike up a steep hill to the site to be respectful and remember the two young men.

The property is now owned by the town of Preston and being marketed as Preston Riverwalk. Any future development would have to preserve the crash site, documented in a detailed archaeological report published in 2006 by the state Historic Preservation Office.

With the visible remnants of the crash hidden in the woods, and memories fading, members of the Norwich Area Veterans Council have launched a fundraiser to ensure that Preston honors the two would-be WWII Navy pilots as well as any veteran who died performing his duty.

John Waggoner, chairman of the council’s World War II Plane Crash Committee, said the group plans to erect a permanent memorial on the grounds of the Preston Public Library adjacent to the town’s Vietnam War Era memorial.

The small memorial park already features three granite benches, one to the left of the Vietnam memorial and two others flanking a peace pole behind the memorial.

The committee’s plans to erect a fourth bench engraved with the names of the two pilots flanking the right of the Vietnam memorial, committee member Bob Murphy said.

The committee hosted a memorial service last October at the spot to mark the 70th anniversary of the crash and erected a temporary sign and wreath honoring the two pilots.

If the group raises enough money, a stone walkway would be installed leading from the library parking lot to the benches.

A quiet fund drive has yielded about $700 to date, and now the committee is launching a public campaign to raise $6,000 for the project, including a crowd-funding effort at under the title “WW2 Plane Crash Monument.” Local fundraiser events will be scheduled soon.

Separately, Preston author Richard Vittorioso is writing a biography of the two pilots with detailed information contributed by their two families. Vittorioso has dozens of photographs of the men and information and photos of their military experiences. On Thursday he will hike up the hill to photograph the crash site.

Vittorioso said the book will tell the story of the two young men’s lives and dreams. Longnecker’s wife, Blanche, kept a detailed scrapbook, including letters, photographs and mementos. A great niece loaned the scrapbook to Vittorioso — a gesture of trust from the family he greatly appreciated.

One item in particular, he said, struck him as he sifted through the scrapbook. Blanche Longnecker had placed a pressed dried rose from her husband’s funeral in the scrapbook.

“You really get to know these pilots,” Vittorioso said. “They are not just two pilots who died over Preston.”

The Norwich Area Veterans Council’s WWII Plane Crash Committee is seeking donations to erect a permanent memorial at the Preston Public Library for two young naval pilots killed in a night training flight over Norwich and Preston Oct. 19, 1944.

Donations: Send cash donations with checks made out to Norwich Area Veterans Council with “Preston WWII Memorial” in the notation line to: John Waggoner, 41 Lynn Drive, Preston, CT 06365.

Online donations can be made at “WW2 Plane Crash Monument.

For information, call Waggoner at (860) 889-5822.


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The “Give-A-F**K-O-Meter Went Off The Grid On THIS ONE Folks!

Darrell Issa proposes renaming the ocean after Ronald Reagan

fuck o meter

I’ve heard a lot of stupid idiotic lamebrain ideas come out of politicians mouths in all my years of hearing stupid idiotic lamebrain ideas come out of politicians mouths but this one takes the ol cake….so to speak.

So much so that…………………….

The cake.....

The cake…..

Is this guy a complete idiot or what!!!! He’s actually thinking of introducing legislation that would rename parts of the Atlantic Ocean.

Here’s part of the story from “The Daily Kos.”

“Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is floating legislation that would name most U.S. coastal waters after former President Ronald Reagan.

Issa reintroduced his bill Wednesday to rename the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), which generally extends from three miles to 200 miles offshore, as the Ronald Wilson Reagan Exclusive Economic Zone.”

So what does an idiot look like? Ok..ok….maybe a bit harsh. Um….what does a complete ass look like? ALRIGHT! Still a bit too harsh? Um….how about, what does a complete lamebrain look like. (I was being kind here)

Your call....idiot, ass or lamebrain...or.....

Your call….idiot, ass, lamebrain…or…..

Now I could go on and explain why I think this is an idiotic idea but I think I’ll just let the following people express their feelings about this idea……..and Rep. Darrell Issa:

Bruce Willis…..

Good Day To Drown Hard Darrell

Good Day To Drown Hard Darrell

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith…………

"Dream On" you idiot

“Dream On” you idiot

Mr. Rogers………….

It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood......when you move out

It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood……and congress, when you’re gone

Charlie Sheen……

Hey Issa.....two complete 1/2's here pal

Hey Issa…..two complete fingers…no 1/2’s here pal

Even Queen Elizabeth thinks this is a stupid idea…….

Long live the Royal fingers

Long live the Royal fingers

As long as the Queen chimed in, here’s one of our Queens……..

Queen Latifah......

Queen Latifah…...

From the cartoon world, which I’m sure Issa is a honorary member……

M-I-C....see ya real soon in the loony bin Darrell. K-E-Y....Why? Because you're a freakin' nutcase.

M-I-C….see ya real soon in the loony bin Darrell. K-E-Y….Why? Because you’re a freakin’ nutcase.

And from senior citizens on Issa’s idea………

But grandma...what a biggggg finger you have

But grandma…what a biggggg finger you have

And little children…………………

Hey Darrell.....BITE ME!

Hey Darrell…..BITE ME!

Lest we forget the animal kingdom……………..



And even former presidents……………………

Hey! WTF? Why not a "Bush Ocean" ya jerk.

Hey! WTF? Why not a “Bush Ocean” ya jerk.

And, present company…………………….

Darrell....all kidding aside....take this!

Darrell….all kidding aside….take this!

And EVEN the BIG GUY himself…um….no…not GOD…….

AND....some really big chunks of coal in your stocking Darrell

AND….some really big chunks of coal in your stocking Darrell

And, if by chance, you’re one of those really weird people who think Issa’s idea is really great and don’t agree with the rest of these people, you can always, if you hate the finger, take matters into your own hands….or hand….or finger……finger16

But, alas, we have a huge plus to counter you………………….


And if worse comes to worse, plug up a bigggg hole in Washington named Issa

And finally…….one for the Hillary haters………………………….(I couldn’t help myself)

Play it agan Sam...and again....and again....and least until November 2016

Play it again Sam…and again….and again….and again…….at least until November 2016

With that……I restith my case with a touching song for Mr. Issa.

DONATE & SUPPORT: The MisfitWisdom PayPal donate link: (Copy & Paste the link should you actually care enough to make a donation)
Copyright 2015 MisfitWisdom RLV


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