Reprise Sunday: The Fantastic MisfitWisdom Oldies Show

Reprise Sunday: The Fantastic MisfitWisdom Oldies Show.



From September 2012 a reprise of one of my favorite MisfitWisdom blogs. Back to the days of Top 40 radio and those good old oldies. And, being somewhat of an “oldie” myself it’s comforting to take a break from today’s ballistic news and listen to some of these songs.


Well, um….it’s fantastic to me. Only because every now and then I like to take a break from the usual nonsense that I write about, and take a well deserved breather by recalling the great days of radio broadcasting and oldie music stations that played top 40 music. Which I was a part of from the early 60’s to the late 80’s. Years….not my age.

I decided to write this because I came across Jackie DeShannon’s post on Facebook a few days ago indicating that she would be appearing on a TV show. (the interview link with Jackie is below)

See me on KTTV Good Day LA’s Tribute to Buddy Holly,

After watching the interview I was catapulted back in time to a specific Jackie DeShannon song that did not make it into the “Top 40” charts, but, which I personally thought was a great song. In fact, there were two specific DeShannon songs that I thought were great, but, both did not hit the top charts. Either I have very bad taste in music, or, everyone else does. Here’s Jackie doing, “The Prince” and “Vanilla O’Lay.”




















































I might add that Jackie, as you can tell by the interview, is still quite attractive and is still in the music business with a new CD available.

When I was a disc jockey, part of a disc jockeys job at some stations was to listen to new releases and pick one that we thought would make it to the top. It was a weekly ritual at some radio stations. Having a weird taste in music, meaning that I did not necessarily go bonkers over the Beatles, Presley etc, I always looked for something unusual. How unusual?  Well, this next video of Barry Ryan singing “Eloise,” might give ya a clue.

(I chose this French video of Barry performing because he still does it exactly as it sounded on the original record and, because the French seem to appreciate him more than we did)























I always say to myself, which I do on many occasions when no one else will listen to me, “Misfit, if you ever come into a gazillion dollars you’re going to find all these obscure recording artists and book them in a concert.” Of course I’ll never come into a gazillion dollars, so the chances of me putting on a concert are nil……..which is why I have to do it in here.

So, the next recording is one that D.J’s had a lot of fun with. It’s by a group called the “Starlites” and was recorded back in 1960. It’s the old girl dumps boy story but with a lot of wailing and crying by the lead singer towards the end of the song. They used a lot of Kleenex tissues recording this one. Lot of nose blowing too. I think.




















Can ya tell I liked really off the wall stuff.

Buddy Holly and the Crickets had huge hits back in late 50’s and early 60’s. Of course we all know the tragic fate of Buddy in a 1959 plane crash along with the “Big Bopper,” (J. P. Richardson) and Ritchie Valens. But, of all the Buddy Holly and Crickets songs that were recorded, one stands out in particular and is still being performed today by a member of the original group, Jerry “Ivan” Allison.  The song, which many of you might not be aware of, unless you’re really into Buddy Holly music is, “Real Wild Child,” performed here live by Jerry Allison who used the name “Ivan” on the record label.


















One of my picks to be a hit was this next song by a group of three girls who called themselves, “Reparata and the Delrons.” singing, “Whenever A Teenager Cries.” (1964)  It really didn’t make it to the “Top 40,” only reaching mid way through the charts. But, it was a great song if you were a teenager and cried a lot. Lots of crying going on in records in those days.















Of course the Everly Brothers had many blockbuster hits during their years which spanned many years, from their first hit, “Bye Bye love” in 1957 to their last charted hit,”Bowling Green,” which only made it to number 40 on the top charts. My favorite, “Gone, Gone, Gone” performed live:













As you can tell by now, I was a bit off the main stream when it came to rock and roll music. Well, at least some mainstream songs, not artists. For instance, the Four Seasons. Yes, they had many great songs and Frankie Valli, the lead signer, still does concerts today. But, again, one of my favorite songs you’ve probably never heard or, if you did, most likely never bought it, was called “Idaho.” It wasn’t a hit. In fact, I don’t think it even appeared on a chart anywhere or if they even perform it in any of their concerts. Probably because they’re trying to forget they recorded it. After listening to this song, you might understand why. But, I love it. Maybe a few people in Idaho do too.











Now, you might be asking yourselves, how did I ever get such an off the wall taste in music. Well, being an only child, my best friend was my dog, and, for those of you who were brought up in the 50’s, you may recall there were only 2 or 3 TV stations to choose from, and, prior to Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand,” I was relegated to secluding myself in my parent’s basement and entertaining myself with old 78 RPM records using a wind up phonograph player. Which is how me and the dog spent our time. He eventually left, totally bored out of his mind from the music I was playing. Damn dog.

So, what influenced my musical tastes? This very first record. From this point on, after listening to Phil Harris and “The Thing,” it was downhill for me. I would always gravitate towards the unusual and mostly “one hit wonder” type hit songs.







I always wanted to record a song myself, but never had the opportunity. However, my old friend and recording artist “Willie Loco Alexander” did record a song about our childhood lives on one of his albums, “The Dragons Are Still Out,” entitled, “Me and Dick V.” Which is the closest I will ever come to being imortalized……at least on vinyl.

So, hope you enjoyed today’s “MisfitWisdom Fantasic Oldies Show.” And, like all oldie shows, they obviously have to all end with a final goodnight, or, goodbye song. So I’m closing today’s blog with my favorite emotional goodby song. Because I’m staying here, to write tomorrow’s blog, but you’re leaving. You’re moving out!  Honors go to Lynda Carter.




As Arte Johnson would say on “Laugh In:” “Verrrrry interesthing….but….schtoopid!”I decided to add one more song to this blog that was not in the original post. Why? Because if further proves my original point. Which is, either I have no taste in music, or you don’t……….

AND……I STILL play this song “Prisencolinensinainciusol” by Adrian Celentano while driving my truck today. Um….but not with my other half in the truck. Drives her nuts.




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