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Reprise Saturday: I Could Probably Run For Political Office…..But I’d Have To Resign Later…….Unless I Change My Name To Trump

    *Today’s MisfitWisdom blog is a reprise from January 31, 2010. I dug this one out of my MisfitWisdom archives after giving much thought to the last presidential election which is over a year already,  which, seems like a title … Continue reading

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Another Political Scandal!!! OMFG!!! WAIT! This One Is OK…..The Guy Is Sorry.

Who am I but a mere speck of dust on my computer screen. Yes, in perspective WTF does my opinion matter to anyone, considering I can be simply sprayed with “Pledge” and wiped away. Which is what happens to us … Continue reading

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Sex Scandals. HEY! It’s All Women’s Fault For Cripes Sake!

Look, ya can’t go around blaming men for getting involved in all these sex scandals. Sure, blame Anthony Weiner for showing his wiener on the Internet and Twittering it all over the place. Blame Bill Clinton for freeing little Willie … Continue reading

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