Reprise Sunday: Another Look At Thanksgiving


So here’s a reprise of my Thanksgiving blog from 2013.

Thanksgiving 2013………A Lighthearted Look At Turkeys, The Holiday, Tradition and Eating.


Well here we are. Another Thanksgiving and another day we can really pig out and not have anyone getting on our case about it. Until the following day when its leftover time.

This year I thought I’d highlight some of the lighter things about Thanksgiving with a few well chosen cartoons. Only because if I start really getting into writing most of you will have fallen asleep by the second paragraph. Has something to do with turkey tryptophan or something. Although, if that’s the case, why is it turkeys aren’t sleeping all of the time.

I personally think that is a myth. My theory is that turkey farmers, being of a compassionate nature, drug their turkeys with a few tranquilizers before they hack their heads off. Thereby transferring the tranquilizers effects to us….who then eat the turkey. My theory anyhow.

Hey! Can you come up with anything better?




And these days one always has to be careful when establishing a relationship with a turkey.

Edward Snowden Turkey

Because we men are basically a bunch of perverts and have only one thing on our mind, “boobs,” this actually makes sense to me.


However, keep in mind if life is ever discovered on other planets, pray it’s not inhabited by turkeys.


And, pause for a moment of silence for the dearly departed on this day.


In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s house at Thanksgiving there was always a problem.


You may recall that Mitt Romney wanted to get rid of Big Bird. It finally happened.


On the very first Thanksgiving, football was invented. Which leads me to conclude that the first football was made out of turkey skin. Just a guess. BUT…seems kinda logical to me.


And of course one of the deleted scenes from The Wizard of Oz.


Some of us less fortunate people sometimes have minor screw ups cooking our Thanksgiving turkey. But, nothing to fret about.


This day is also a day where you should remember that your loyal pets are a part of the family as well. Please share with them…..before they attack you and run off with a drumstick.


As I mentioned earlier, pray that turkeys do not inhabit other planets.


Naturally football is on the agenda today.


Then there’s the endless days of leftovers until it comes outta your ears. Unless, as in the MisfitWisdom household, where there’s only myself and my other half, we simply go to the city every year, trap a plump city bird, (pigeon) and serve that sucker up on Thanksgiving. Nooooooooooooooooooooo leftovers.


And for the first time in a sixty million gazillion years Thanksgiving and Hanukkah are being celebrated for the first time together. Aptly dubbed, “Thanksgivingkah.” Oy vey.


And for the rest of you turkeys who have demented minds…………………


So, that’s it folks. Hope your Thanksgiving Day is filled with warmth and happiness.

To all the turkeys who gave their lives…………..(a moment of silence)

Ok….lets eat!



Copyright 2013/2017 MisfitWisdom RLV


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