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Reprise Sunday: National Cat Hairball Awareness Day

Would I kid you? Well maybe, but……..not this time folks, nope, there really is a National Cat Hairball Awareness Day, which, when ya think about it, should be every day of the year. Hack! Hack! Anyhow, to compliment your Sunday … Continue reading

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Reprise Sunday: The Easter Bunny Conspiracy

For years on end I’ve been on this crusade to gain respect for chickens when it comes to Easter and Easter eggs. Look folks, who TF do ya think lays all those stinkin’ colored eggs that the Bunny gets credit … Continue reading

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Reprise Sunday: Wonder If God Reads This Stuff?

Well, if he DOES….boy am I screwed. Here’s a reprise of a blog from April 2012. Bless you my child and enjoy. The Catholic Church Is Being Too Catholic…Sorry GOD…But I Had To Chime In On This One. Posted on April … Continue reading

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Reprise Sunday….”Cats In Connecticut”

On Sundays I like to dig back into the MisfitWisdom blog file and find a past blog post you may have missed. That, and the fact that I had a nightmare last night that I was a woman and Donald … Continue reading

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