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Reprise Sunday: National Cat Hairball Awareness Day

Would I kid you? Well maybe, but……..not this time folks, nope, there really is a National Cat Hairball Awareness Day, which, when ya think about it, should be every day of the year. Hack! Hack! Anyhow, to compliment your Sunday … Continue reading

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FINALLY! Somebody Tells Us How To Communicate With Cats.

So the highlight of my day this morning was picking up my local newspaper and reading an article by AP reporter Sue Manning entitled, “Cats Chat With Us Through Meows, Blinks and Roving Whiskers.” I might add that there was … Continue reading

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I Love Cats….But….Achooooooooooo!!!!!

Winter is a very stressful time for me. At least when it comes to having allergies. Specifically, cat allergies. And we have three of those critters. Cassie the calico, (nicknamed “Barfy” for the number of times she barfs, usually at … Continue reading

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