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On The Lighter Side, A Reprise Of “Stuff”

Every so often I like to go back and reprise a blog from eons ago, long before the insanity of politics that has overtaken our society today. So, from March 2011, a bit of “On The Lighter Side.” Why You’re … Continue reading

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Willie Loco Alexander, The Velvet Underground and Misfit

Nice article about the Velvet Underground courtesy of “The Daily Beast” My friend Willie Loco Alexander was a member of this group. Check him out on Wikipedia. Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast GROUNDBREAKING 50 Years Later, ‘The Velvet … Continue reading

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Counting The Days To Impeachment

As you all know I’ve (agonizingly) refrained from blogging about The President (who shall remain unnamed) because it just drives me bonkers to even watch him, let alone write about him. So, that said, which I just did, I’m simply … Continue reading

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