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Playboy Magazine Axes Nudes……Part II

As you may recall, or not, (see MW blog of 10/15/15 in my archives) I wrote a blog about Playboy Magazine which plans to discontinue nudity beginning next March. First of all, many of today’s generation may say to themselves, … Continue reading

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Bristol Palin Is Waiting For President Obama To Call Her* *Subtitled: DHYHOYAW She Gets The MW FFFF Award.

Once again it is with great pride that I present the MisfitWisdom, “Flying Fickle Finger Feather Award” to Bristol Palin. Honorable mention to newt Gingrich. Presented in the category of……..”WTF.” Yes, I know that “DHYHOYAW” seems like it might be … Continue reading

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Seriously Iowa…NEWT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somebody, anybody!  The CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Maher, The Muppets, God….ANYBODY!!! Puleeeeese tell me what the hell Iowa is thinking.  Recent polls for the Republican Presidential nomination put “The Newt” in double-digit numbers as Iowa’s first choice.  … Continue reading

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Newest “Two & A Half Idiots” Star Kutcher Meets Cast

What the hell are you lookin’ at you damn hockey puck First of all, if you’re reading today’s blog, that means that the world did not come to an end at 6pm yesterday. Which means that the guy on Staten … Continue reading

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