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The Yearly Edition Of MisfitWisdom’s, “Who TF Are These People?”

Its come to my attention that too much is coming to my attention, foremost, who the f**k are all these people who keep appearing in “US Weekly” magazine. Like I should give a flying rats ass what Justin Beaver, (Beiber)  … Continue reading

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Who TF ARE These People? And I Should Give a Flying F**K Why?

Ok, first of all I freely admit I am a dinosaur. Soon to be extinct. Hopefully not too soon. That said, which obviously I just did, I’m sitting around scanning through the latest issue of “US Magazine.” Not that I … Continue reading

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Justin Bieber: Hey Kid….Give Me A Freakin’ Break Will Ya!!!!

Fellow blogger J. Roycroft recently commented on his blog about Justin Bieber’s meltdown which required him to check himself into a hospital for a photo shoot with his underwear exposed and his hand inching down towards his crotch. (photo below) … Continue reading

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