I’m Really Having A Bad Week…..TGIF!!!


To set the mood for today’s MisfitWisdom blog, here’s Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs:

It’s been one of those weeks that makes one wish you could just go into hibernation in a cave somewhere and sleep for a few months, wake up, and hope the next few months are better than the last freakin week has been. TGIF!day2

What started it all was that confrontation I had with the management  at Krispy Kreme donuts located at the Mohegan Sun Casino.

To refresh your memory, just in case you actually were in a cave, I simply wanted a glazed lemon filled donut that they make to be dipped in chocolate because that’s my favorite donut, which they do not make, but, could if they wanted to, which they did, for me, and, which I then wrote about, and then, pissed off the store manager.

Why? Because I also wrote about “National Topless Day” in the same blog that I wrote about my experience at Krispy Kreme. AND…..at the end of my blog I alluded to the fact that perhaps the clerks at Krispy Kreme, in honor of National Topless Day, could be covered in chocolate and lemon.

And my people are all nuts jobs.....like me

And my people are all nuts jobs…..like me

To make a long story short, I am now on that famous list that we all get put on when we do something someone does not approve of. Namely, the s**t list. Apparently the store manager did not appreciate my “humor.” For which I apologized and also did so in a letter to Krispy Kreme corporate offices.

Folks, humor is humor. If you DO NOT have a sense of freakin” humor…DO NOT read anything that is supposed to be HUMOROUS. As….you will not get it.

As I said in a letter to KK corporate: “It’s the nature of the beast.” You can’t and won’t please everybody all of the time and you will most definitely not appear to be writing something funny if you criticize something or someone while being funny.


Frankly, I think all comedians and people who write humor should be drawn and quartered in public for trying to make people laugh, while, at the same time, trying to make a point.

Ya see, it’s my theory that people pay more attention to you if you write about something with a bit of humor than just ordinary bland stuff.

I could be wrong…..but……really….I’m not.


Except those voices you hear in your head sometimes

Example: Which TV commercials do you pay attention to the most. Those bland boring car commercials, commercials for banks, etc, etc, etc.

OR…..do you laugh at those humorous Geico commercials. Or the one for State Farm where the guy is on the phone and his wife says, “Who you talkin’ too at 2am in the morning.” You remember those in comparison to the bland ones don’t ya.

So that’s my point. Which is….I made my point with regard to Krispy Kreme in writing humor and in return get some grief because I “humorously” said that perhaps those store clerks would be more appealing covered in chocolate and lemon in honor of National Topless Day. OMFG!!!!days9

Here’s the part of the blog that soooooo upset the manager, and, according to him, his store clerks: (from the 8/26/14 MW blog)

“So I just wanted to give a big ol pat on the back to Krispy Kreme’s corporate office for, (sniff) making my day……as Clint Eastwood used to say.

Also to the staff at Krispy Kreme at the Mohegan Sun Casino.

The only thing they could have done better was to carry over National Topless Day in their store today prior to my visit and have their store clerks covered in lemon and chocolate. Um……oh yeah, the one guy clerk too.

HEY! Going topless isn’t just for the women ya know.”Topless Beach - the lower half of bodies on a beach

So, I NEVER said that the store clerks should go topless, which he said that I did. I said, “those store clerks would be more appealing covered in chocolate and lemon in honor of National Topless Day.”

Although I DID allude to the fact that going topless isn’t just for women. Meaning that male clerks could also participate. And if they did…….who would give a rats ass.

Oops…did I offend someone by saying “rats ass.” Soreeeeee.

Cripes, I’m just on a “offending” roll here today aren’t I.days12

I really gotta stop writing humor and write more serious stuff. Because, as we all know, what really cheers us all up on any given day is cheery stuff like news about ISIS, Congress, Obama hating articles, and war. We just all love that kinda stuff to make our day a bit brighter don’t we?

But, I’m NOT gonna let people who have absolutely no sense of humor ruin my day. Nope. I know there are those of you who DO appreciate my efforts to bring a little laughter into your lives. (I’m assuming none of them are clerks in donut stores)

So, all that said, which I just did, I did send off a letter to Krispy Kreme corporate and apologized for writing humor. Along with promising not to go to that Krispy Kreme donut store and upsetting the clerks and management. It’s the least I can do.

And…..as one of my blog commenters posted on a social media site. “Hey…it’s only a freakin’ donut.” To which I replied, “Yeah….but it was the principle of it all. Ya at least gotta try.”


Even spiders try

On a lighter note. Just to show you how going the extra mile works.

I contacted the State Department of public Works with regard to a problem with raised utility caps from a road construction project in front of my house that vehicles were running over and making my computer jump along with other various articles in my house.

Did THEY get all bent outta shape?

Nope…..within ten minutes a crew was out in front of my house and took care of the situation. Hows THAT for customer service!!!!!!!

And guess what……the guy that came to my front door actually had a sense of humor about the whole thing. Imagine that.


And, in conclusion, for those of you who have absolutely no sense of humor…………..perv banana

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2 Responses to I’m Really Having A Bad Week…..TGIF!!!

  1. katydidknot says:

    I’ve had a rough week, too. Went home early yesterday to try to sleep it off. Not sure yet whether it worked, although the drive here made me think it probably did not.

    If you keep posting on this topic, I’m eventually going to need to get chocolate-covered lemon-filled donuts. It will be your fault.

  2. misfit120 says:

    Yes….my goal here is to get you and everyone else on the face of the earth hooked on chocolate covered lemon filled donuts, and then, once the transformation is complete by having everyone storm into a Krispy Kreme donut store and demanding those donuts, and then when they become available in EVERY donut franchise, I will become famous for leading this noble crusade and a chocolate statue will be erected in my honor. Along with a lifetime free supply of chocolate covered lemon filled donuts. Do your part Katy…….storm into one of those KK stores today. Demand that donut. (MisfitWisdom accepts no responsibility for anyone who becomes addicted to these donuts)

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