Humor In The Assassination of JFK? Welllllllllllllllllll.


In 2014 61% believe there was a conspiracy. So, 61% of us are apparently loony toons. Including me.

I’m obviously gonna get a lot of flack over using the word “humor” in relation to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy back in 1963 in Dallas, Texas.

BUT….that said, bring it on trolls.jfkpoll

The humor I’m referring  to is that some 5o years later there are a gazillion, if not more, unanswered questions about the events of November 22nd, 1963 in Dealey Plaza. Yet….yes yet, there are those, such as the one guy I’m going to single out today that STILL believe the entire Warren Commission report.

However, those of us that do not believe that report outnumber the ones that do. (see above graph)


AND…we “loony toons” still get sarcastic flack and these stupid cartoons

So this guy from St. Helena, California, by far not a dummy, in fact he’s an attorney, yet I firmly believe his light bulb is below a 25 watt power range.

Do I soundith a bit pissed off? If you replied, “yes,” you’d be correct. Now I’m no attorney nor an “expert” on the assassination, BUT I DO know there are way too many loose ends to EVER conclude that the Warren Commission was correct or that Lee Harvey Oswald was a “lone nut.”


(Picture caption) For 51 years, Bruce Miroglio, a lawyer and third-generation St. Helenan, has been researching, investigating and analyzing President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, trying to get the bigger picture of that fateful day.

First, an excerpt from a story in the “St. Helena Star” by Cynthia Sweeney (11/10/14) which highlights a part of “expert” Bruce Miroglio’s comments regarding the assassination. (MY comments are in parenthesis after each important paragraph)

(the excerpt)

“Following the president’s death, and to this day, JFK aficionados fall into two camps, the conspiracy theorists and those who believe in the lone nut theory, the nut being Lee Harvey Oswald.

Theories erupted around Vice President Lyndon Johnson and why he was sworn in as president so quickly after the assassination. A later-revealed government cover-up of information about aggressive acts in Cuba also raised questions. And the “magic bullet” theory questioned how one bullet could have struck Kennedy and Connally.

Miroglio, a member of the lone nut camp, said much of what has been written about the event contributes nothing to finding the truth about what happened that day. The subject became a cottage industry for authors trying to tell their side of it.

“My experience is, it’s an effort to make money for the author and doesn’t offer new information,” said Miroglio. “It all gives rise to people who want to believe in a conspiracy. It adds to the interest.”

(Yes Bruce. As we all know the only reason a trillion books have been written about the assassination is to make money. Prominent researchers such as Sylvia Meagher, (“Accessories After the Fact,” 1967) Josiah Thompson, (Six Seconds in Dallas,” 1967) and Anthony Summers, (Conspiracy,” 1980) to name a few, just gave all of us unanswered questions to ponder about the assassination simply to make a buck)thompson jfk

“Miroglio also expressed frustration at director Oliver Stone’s 1991 film “JFK,” which he said took a true story and fictionalized it, fueling the conspiracy theory rhetoric.”

(Yep, Oliver Stone’s movie did not have one scintilla of factual information in it. I’m assuming the Zapruder film in Stone’s movie was fictionalized as well. Bruce….ya think?)

(oh yeah…..while we’re at it, check out New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison on “Wikipedia” and focus on the part where he said a suspect in the assassination Clay Shaw worked for the CIA but Shaw denied it.

(Garrison  brought Shaw to trial for conspiracy to assassinate the President)

(Um, did I mention he did work for the CIA as later proved…oops…..I’m clouding this “fictionalized” stuff Bruce talks about with damn facts)

“In 1964, the Warren Commission’s official government report on the assassination concluded that Oswald acted alone. In conversation, Miroglio is given to quoting various exhibits within the report off the top of his head to explain and support that position. Oswald may not have had a political agenda, although he was a Marxist, he was just looking for attention, Miroglio said. Just months before, he allegedly tried to assassinate Maj. Gen. Edwin A. Walker”

(Funny Bruce, you never mentioned the “House Select Committee on Assassinations” report in the 70’s that concluded that JFK may have been assassinated as the result of a conspiracy. Oops)house book(below: excerpt from the “Summary & Findings” of the above report)

  • Scientific acoustical evidence establishes a high probability that two gunmen fired at President John F. Kennedy. Other scientific evidence does not preclude the possibility of two gunmen firing at the President. Scientific evidence negates some specific conspiracy allegations.
  • The committee believes, on the basis of the evidence available to it, that President John F. Kennedy was probably assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. The committee is unable to identify the other gunman or the extent of the conspiracy.
  • Hey Bruce…..did ya read that report?

So ya see folks, this is “humor” to me. Humorous that in this day and age there are still people out there who refuse to believe that more than one person was involved in the assassination. Yet we all believe the government spies on us and politicians lie Go figure. We all know THAT’S not true.

Along with Nazi’s being brought to the U.S. after the war so we could use them. AND….some of them even collected Social Security checks too. Nah…..that’s a conspiracy lie too.

I offered a challenge to Bruce to answer a series of questions regarding the assassination that have never been answered. I’ll ask the same of any of my blog readers. Answer any question I pose to you with “facts” and if you can answer them “factually” (all of them) “I’ll” believe the Warren Commission was right.

Here’s one to wet your whistle for starters. Look up Roscoe White, do some research on him, then go to your library and get  Robert J. Groden’s book, “The Killing of A President,” turn to page 57, observe the crowd, then turn to page 200 & 201, and study the photo Might want to research this guy as well, James Files.

Ok….enough bait. Do your research and we’ll spar.

Please…….do not bring any weapons.

A final note for anyone wishing to cloud up their minds with stupid facts. The book I mentioned, “The Killing of a President” by Robert J. Groden, by far is, in my own humble opinion, one of the most definitive books on the assassination with pages and pages of photographs, documents and stats you’ll ever need to cloud up your mind with facts. Which we all know tend to cloud up the issue.

THESE are the real loony toons

THESE are the real loony toons

Just sayin.’

(UPDATES) I ‘m always amazed by the idiots (Internet trolls) who respond with inane comments and love to post their responses. So let’s begin with this first one from the Internet site “Sodahead” in response to the link I posted there. More to follow….I’m sure:

harewell to Richard (edited) New!


hi, pal, are you mad? only dumbos would take JFK conspiracy trash seriously! Unless you are working for Hollywood and trying to make a fortune with it.It would be very entertaining! International commie, domestic pinko, Mafia big bosses, rivals in his love affairs, FBI, CIA and Martians…….. the whole world wanted to kill JFK! The competition was heated!

But a guy called Lee Harvey Oswald jumped out and got him!

The end.

And then the same guy came back with yet another post when I asked him to debate me on his “dumbo” comment  and this was his response:


harewell to Richard (edited) New!


Kudos to JFK conspiracists for helping the world have a lot of fun.

50 years! why can’t they admit that they were wrong about it?!

Even specialists have got tired of arguing with them.

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5 Responses to Humor In The Assassination of JFK? Welllllllllllllllllll.

  1. santostom says:

    Misfit, I know, personally, you have done a lot of research on this subject. I don’t have as many facts as you do, but, I am convinced there was a conspiracy. i just don’t know when it will be brought out. I though the papers were supposed to be released after 50 years. Well that has come and gone, and so have the papers. Good job.

  2. charlie says:

    If they wanted to get rid of him why not just set him up as they usually do?

    • misfit120 says:

      My theory Charles: Because they had a patsy, )Oswald) they had the means, and it was fairly easy. They did it the same way with RFK and MLK. They would have done it with Teddy Kennedy but most likely figured after the previous assassinations people wouldn’t buy it so then they did it as you said, the usual way, by creating a scandal, Chappaquiddick. If you research Chappaquiddick and the testimony of the deputy sheriff who spotted Kennedy’s car he testified he saw 3 people in the car, not 2 as all news reports have always stated. So, was he being held at gunpoint and forced off the bridge or is the deputy mistaken?

  3. katydidknot says:

    On another site today, someone told the following joke about the JFK assassination:

    “On Judgment Day, when all is revealed, the Big Question of Who Killed JFK? will finally be answered. Some nondescript guy in the back will say, “It was me. I did it.” And all of the assassination researchers will turn around to look at him, and then turn to each other and ask, “Who the f-ck is that guy?”

    I don’t have a clue. I was born in 1985. So all I can say with any level of confidence is that neither John Wilkes Booth nor I were involved in the assassination (although that would make for one hell of a conspiracy theory!).

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