“I Don’t Have A Life, So What Should I Do?” How About Whining About A J.C. Penny T-Shirt!

It never fails to amaze me how stupid people are allowed to dictate what’s right

The despicable J.C. Penny T-Shirt that will corrupt all teenagers minds.

and what’s wrong because they sense that something is askew that normal people wouldn’t give a rats ass about.

I’m talking about outraged parents who were upset at the new T-Shirt that J.C. Penny put on display in their stores specifically for teenagers. (pictured)—->

Yes, parents all over the world, um, maybe not the world, but here in the United States, besieged J. C. Penny phone lines with complaints about the horrible dastardly shirt claiming that the inscription on the shirt, “I’m too pretty to do my homework, so my brother has to do it for me,” is sexist.

SEXIST!!!!   SEXIST!!!  Are these the very same parents who will undoubtedly sit in front of the tube and watch re-runs of “Two and a Half Men”, laugh their asses off and not think anything is sexist about that show? WTF!!

They were also upset about the signage in the store which Penny’s hoped would attract buyers to the shirt. That sign said: “Who has time for homework when there’s a new Justin Bieber Album out.”

Ya see the problem here folks.  The problem is stupidity, and it’s spreading across America like wildfire.  Like any damn kid is gonna be offended by THAT shirt.  Have you seen some of the other shirts teenagers are wearing today?  Geez…..I’m wearing a shirt that says “DILLIGARA” and any of you reading this blog know what that means. Are you offended by it?

Too F***ing bad.

Should a teenager have the right to buy that J. C. Penny shirt?  YES!  Is it offensive? NO!  Are these parents who are complaining and made J. C. Penny take the shirt off the rack stupid? YES!

They obviously do not have lives.  Are very bored. Think their kids need to be protected from horrible T-Shirts. AND…..seem to forget the things they wore or did when they were teenagers.  Stupid jerks.

I know I’m getting my feathers ruffled here folks, but this is absolutely inane.

Why in the hell aren’t these parents up in arms about the bloodshed on DVD’s their kids rent, Or the clothes some of them wear down to their butts. Most likely half of them have no clue as to what in the hell their kids are doing anyhow. BUT…..let one little innocent T-Shirt hit the racks, and they go berserk.

Berserk THIS you idiots!

If you are of the same frame of mind as me, which is the ability to understand simple logic, you know this whole T-Shirt episode is a bunch of crap.  Maybe crap isn’t the correct word. How about “bull***t.  There are more serious things in this world to worry about than a damn T-Shirt that is, in my opinion, really cute.

To bad J. C. Penny did not have the balls (refer to “balls” blog 8/2/11) to tell those who complained to take a hike.  But, their logic was that a customer is a customer and if we have to eat crow, pull the damn shirt. It’s all about the $$$$$ my friends….lest we alienate customers.

The same customers that don’t want little Jane and Johnny wearing that awful shirt, but will glue themselves to the TV to watch the antics on “Sex in the City,” “Jersey Housewives,” and still lust after Rod Stewart.

I still can’t figure that last one out. Rod Stewart?

Bet they loved his hit song of, “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” and neverrrrr complained about THAT!

But a T-Shirt about homework……OMG!!!!!!

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1 Response to “I Don’t Have A Life, So What Should I Do?” How About Whining About A J.C. Penny T-Shirt!

  1. Doc says:

    I bought one and wore it a couple of times…threw it in the wash and it shrunk considerably. Now all that shows is, “Too Pretty…For me”.

    I haven’t had a date since.


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