The NASCAR and Obama Non-Story Becomes A Non-Story

You know what the Internet has created…..idiots.  Hundreds and thousands,

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perhaps even millions of idiots who otherwise would go completely unnoticed if it were not for the fact that they could express their own personal opinions on the web. Sometimes I myself fall into that category, but, I DO attempt to be civil about it.

The Internet is all abuzz about the fact that President Obama invited some NASCAR drivers to the White House next Wednesday and some of them declined the invitation due to other commitments.  End of story.


Why you ask?  Because idiots are attempting to politicize this story by saying that, “OMG…..NASCAR drivers don’t wanna be seen with Obama because they don’t agree with him or dislike him.”

Drivers, by the way, responded that many of them had future commitments. But did that matter to the idiots who went berserk on the Internet?…..NO.

The problem with this is that other idiots of the same frame of mind as the original idiots read what those idiots wrote and think that the rest of us are idiots like them. Depending what your definition of an idiot is of course.

Um, if you fall into one of these idiot categories just skip reading the rest of this blog because if you’re an idiot you just won’t get it. Because you’re an idiot.

(folks, (non-idiots) watch the comments on “Sodahead” that I get after posting this blog.  Might wanna keep a scorecard so that you can sort out the idiots from the non-idiots…..just for fun)

“Sodahead” is a great site if you want to express yourself on various topics from political to whatever. Unfortunately really weird individuals who have absolutely no concept of civil debate or logic for that matter, post stuff about President Obama that is extremely racist and disgusting.  Even more disgusting than cat or dog barf.

My problem with most of these off the wall posts by a few idiots is that they attempt to make a point, which usually amounts to how much they hate Obama, but in attempting to state their arguments, come out looking like…..again…..idiots. Here’s a few examples I harvested from “Sodahead:”

Charlie: “These guys (NASCAR Drivers) have made their fame and accomplishments on their own. They don’t need to let that liar use their accomplishments for his own needs.”

What….the pres wants to get an in with drivers so he can drive in the Indy 500?

Danny: “Poor monkey Nobama. People had better things to do than provide him with a photo-op.”

Yep….we all know it’s very had for the President to get any photo ops Dan.

Gentleman Len: “Obama is the worst political criminal in the history of the world. I don not intend to afford him any slack.”

Len….I personally don’t think Obama gives a rats ass about you cutting him any slack in the giant scope of things. Um….unless you personally have a lot of slack to cut…..or powerful connections.

RL: “If I won the medal of honor I would not accept it from this Kenya born Zulu.”

There ya go RL….offending not only the President but Zulu’s as well. Be very careful……Zulus have verrrrry big spears.

Goblin: “”Somewhere in Kenya a village is missing their idiot.”

I always say it takes one idiot to know another Goblin.

(the village idiot phrase is a carry over from those old bumper stickers when GWB was President)

Finally, the most intelligent comment on “Sodahead” from Woodrow: “Another non-story.”

Woodrow……congratulations, you my friend have a brain.

So ya see folks, normally we’d never hear from these idiots if it were not for the freedom of speech we Americans all so ecstatically enjoy. With the exception of J.C. Penny and their recent teenager T-Shirts which is far worse than any of these comments……..damn racist, sexist, degrading towards women T-Shirts. NOT!

BUT….using all the slurs, racist and name calling towards the President of the United States on “free speech” “Sodahead” is fine. Isn’t that what freedom of speech is all about folks?

Oh yeah….except for J.C. Penny and their teenager T-Shirts.

The idiots won that battle.

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