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Gene Wilder June -11-1933 – August-29-2016

Gene Wilder who passed away yesterday after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease will be sadly missed. We all have favorite actors and comedians, and by far, Gene was one of my favorites. His ability to bring dead pan humor to the … Continue reading

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“Um, Igor, Hand Me That Head Over There.”

Most people who read this blog know by now that my brain does not function like normal people’s brains. How do I know this? Because when something really strange is in the news, who do ya think gets a heads … Continue reading

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UM…..Am I Still Here? It’s December 21st…HEY! Can Anybody Hear Me?

Geez…..here it is December 21st, the day those stinkin’ long gone off of the face of the Earth Mayans predicted that the world would end. I’m not sure if I’m here or not. I mean, I feel like I’m here, … Continue reading

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Who The “F” Is Jack Welch? And Why Should I Or Anyone Else Give A Flying “F”

That is if it is at all possible to actually give a “Flying F**K.” Which is a phrase I am quite fond of having used many times during my teenage years. Even thought I never quite understood what or how … Continue reading

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I Want My Own Damn Super Pac…or at least a backpac’ I can carry money in.

Super Pacs are nothing like Superman, and should not be confused with the man of steel whom we all loved and cherished because he could leap tall buildings at a single bound, was faster than a speeding bullet and was … Continue reading

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