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Days You Should Be Celebrating In June…Or Not….

If you’re one of those people who have no friends, lead an extremely boring life, and even animals tend to ignore you, fear not, here’s a list of activities during the month of June to get your mind off of … Continue reading

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Sooooo….What New Trends Will Blow Our Minds This Year?

That is besides twerking our butts off. Thanks Miley. According to “Good Housekeeping,” those people who tell us all how to be a good housekeeper, they’ve listed seven trends that we all should look out for this year. Yes….earth shattering … Continue reading

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The Yogo Pants Controversy: Subtitled: OMG I’m Freakin’ Fat!!!!

The founder of “Lululemon,” which has nothing to do with British singing artist “Lulu” or lemons, but is a designer of yoga clothes and running gear, seems to be in a bit of hot water for some comments the company’s … Continue reading

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SEX,SEX,SEX,…..Um…Do I Have Your Attention Now?

Let me make one thing perfectly clear. “I” do NOT write these constant articles about sex. Other people do. I just expand on it a bit……when it’s a slow news day. AND, as I’ve said many times before, it sure … Continue reading

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“Not Tonight Dear.” FINALLY……A Solution! (for men at least)

First of all, let me state that as a 100% red-blooded American male I have had my share of hearing, “Not tonight dear” excuses when it comes to sex. Secondly, let me state that “I” am only writing about this … Continue reading

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