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IOWA!!!!!!! REALLY!!!!!!!! IOWA???????????????

Ok, first an actual bona-fide honest to goodness cross my heart and hope to die FACT about IOWA. Hogs outnumber humans in Iowa four to one. YES! 3 million people live in Iowa and HOGS outnumber the people living there!!! … Continue reading

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HEY! Now Here’s An Election I Could Really Get Into. Literally!

“The National Memo,” which is NOT a web site that promotes taking sticky notes, writing memos on them, and posting them all over the freakin’ place, is actually a site that, um, well……frankly I don’t have a clue, but, anyhow, … Continue reading

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“OK Slim, Reach Fer Yer Gun. This Town Ain’t Big Nuff Fer Both of Us.”

Yep podner, those there are fightin’ words in the ol West. Which ultimately led to a gunfight between two cowpokes out on the main street of town. But, considering this one town I’m writing about today only has four residents, … Continue reading

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Political Commercials: Waterboarding Our Brains Without Any Water*

*Or Dick Cheney. Yep…..I’ve just about been brain water boarded with these political commercials as I’m sure most of you have as well. With just about two weeks left to go, I’m not sure I can take anymore without totally … Continue reading

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