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To Flea or Not To Flea

First, let me clarify something here. We’ve had cats in our house since the beginning of time. Which for me, (the beginning of time) was when my other half and I moved in together. And, not once in all the … Continue reading

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Animals Can Lose Their Minds Too? WTF! Another Thing I Gotta Worry About.

Look folks, I’m of the mindset that yes, there are loony toons out there roaming the face of the earth. This evidenced by all of the senseless acts of violence recently in the news. And most of us with any … Continue reading

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Cows May Soon Be In The Unemployement Line….A Moooooving Story

A recent news item I happened to come across mentioned briefly that some restaurants are considering offering patrons cowless hamburgers. This wasn’t earth shattering news to me because I’ve actually eaten a hamburger that did not require the demise of … Continue reading

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How to Interpret Cats Other Than Basic “Meows.”

Ok, once again you’re all gonna think I’m nuts here.  “DILLIGARA!” I’m going to go ahead and interpret exactly what cats think and say because I have five cats.  I’ve had five cats for a very long time, and I … Continue reading

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