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Days or Nights………….. Whatever……. You Might Want To Celebrate In August…or not.

As we slowly slither out of an agonizing (political conventions) month of July it may be the month of August and some interesting days to celebrate to bring you back to sanity. Or not. (NOTE) If you totally lost it … Continue reading

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Hey! A New Month. February. Sooooo Many Special Days….Sooooo Little Time.

Damn! Suffering from “Trumpititus” this month I forgot to highlight important days in February (sigh) Soooooooo, to redeem myself, here’s last years blog. HEY! Cut me some slack here for cripes sake…..how much can change in one year.   Yep, … Continue reading

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New Report: Lightning Zaps Men More Than Women

Yes….that’s what a bunch of new data released by the “Centers of Disease Control” says. Lightening is five times more likely to zap the ever lovin’ bejesus outta men than women. Which can only mean one thing. God is a … Continue reading

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Once Again The Easter Chicken Get A Raw (egg) Deal

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, “CHICKENS ARE GETTING SCREWED!” (NOTE: I am NOT referring to when chickens get it on with roosters) I’m referring to every time this year, Easter, when chickens do not get the … Continue reading

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Mystery Surrounds “The Farmers Almanac.” NOT….”The OLD Farmers Almanac.”

Now you would think that being the sweet old people farmers are, just toiling away in the fields and not getting into any controversial stuff, that we’d all have nothing to concern ourselves with….when it comes to farmers. I mean, … Continue reading

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