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Geez…..It’s Been Over 24 Hours Since A Politician Said Something Stupid. WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!

It’s not too often that I get to award the prestigious MisfitWisdom “Flying Fickle Finger Feather Award” to a local politician, but, today’s honor goes to (Ta Da) Representative Antonio Guererra, D-Rocky Hill,  Connecticut for outstanding stupidity above and beyond … Continue reading

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OMG! LMFAO! WTF! LOL and !%$#@!!

Ran out to my local convenience store last night, um, actually I drove, it’s a bit to far to run, and picked up what I needed, walked over the counter, handed my stuff to the cashier and she said, “Want … Continue reading

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Once Again Stupidity Reigns This Week

I’m tellin ya……I’m beginning to really worry about associating with other humans these days.  I mean, animals I can just about trust not to screw me, not to say something stupid, basically because they can’t talk anyhow, and if they did have … Continue reading

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