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I Hate To Keep Hopping On Boobs, (not literally) But WTF Is It With New York City and Boobs?

Apparently, according to an article by AP reporter Catherine Rampell, New York City has a biggggg problem with boobs. No, not the ones that you run into asking for a handout, but the ones Playboy Magazine would be out of … Continue reading

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According To the “N. Y. Post,” The Worst Place On Earth Is……………………..

Your mother-in-laws house. Um…no….but verrrrry close. Personally I would have chosen the halls of Congress, but, WTF do I know. Anyhow, what is becoming the worst place on earth, according to an article in the “New York Post” is Times … Continue reading

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Cheerios, Racism, and Is Elmo The Muppet Going Berserk?

It’s bad enough we all have to deal with all kinds of idiots in our daily lives. In fact, a lot of those dregs of the earth lurk on social media sites just waiting for an opportunity to make a … Continue reading

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