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Why Can’t I Find A Freakin’ Dinosaur Cell Phone?

Look folks……I completely understand how cell phones have evolved from giant 2 by 4’s to tiny little devices¬† that you can shove in your ear or up your nose and receive all sorts of information besides just phone calls. I … Continue reading

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A Sign*, (*signs) Of The Times, That Will Drive You Nuts.

Each and every day we are surrounded by a gazillion signs that tell us to “stop,” “go,” “yield,” “fart,”…..um, well maybe not that last one, but as far as I’m concerned they should have one like that posted around public … Continue reading

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OMG! Now They’ll Be Dogs That Actually Can Talk!!!

Yes folks. No longer will you have to try to figure out what the hell “woof,” “bark” or “growl” mean anymore. Maybe even an answer to that age-old dog mystery you’ve always wanted to know. Why is it that dogs … Continue reading

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Like Me, Things In My Truck Are Becomming Obsolete. (sigh)

I always feel great driving my 1999 out of date dinosaur 6 cylinder five on the floor stick shift Dodge Ram 1500. Until I read an article that listed some things in vehicles that are becoming obsolete. Besides me that … Continue reading

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I’m Losing The Technology Battle……But I Refuse To Surrender Just Yet.

Remember that song….if you’re old enough to remember it, “I Fought The Law” by the Bobby Fuller Four? If you’re not, it’s available on YouTube.¬† I think I may have posted it in one of my blogs last week as … Continue reading

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