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Sometimes I Wonder About Life’s Unanswered Questions…….Like………….

Like who in their right mind comes up with those names for prescription drugs? For instance, Xanax, an anxiety pill is really Alprazolam. Sooooo, what…..they can’t call it Al or Proz or whatever, they have to call it Xanax? WTF … Continue reading

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Oh Great! Now I Gotta Learn A Bunch Of New Words For Body Parts.

Look folks, I freely admit I was NOT the brightest bulb in English class in school. I looked at it this way, if I could talk, and people understood what the hell I was saying, WTF….why did I need to … Continue reading

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Spelling Deficient Individuals….Your Time Has Come…A Pulitzer Prize.

Now I don’t claim to be an excellent writer. In fact, I fall into that same category, “spelling deficient.” Which is why I tend to use a lot of slang when writing these blogs. Besides that’s the way that I … Continue reading

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