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You Want How Much For That Mattress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the unsolved mysteries of life, as far as I’m concerned, is why buying a mattress costs a fortune. I thought about this today when I came across a full-page ad in , (what I laughingly refer to as) … Continue reading

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Yawn………I’m Soooooo Bored I Can’t Sleep. Huh? (Part 2)

(NOTE) I wrote this blog back on July 14, 2014. Ironically someone commented on it today, almost one year later. Which proves I am most likely in a time warp. Anyhow, also, “ironically,” once again my other half  kept me … Continue reading

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Women’s Sinister Plot To Kill Men: Part 2

I’m writing this as a public service to all married men, or, men in a long time relationship. Like those of you who aren’t married but are living in sin with some woman because you’re afraid to get married because, … Continue reading

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