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What is a “Reince Priebus.” Hint: It’s Not A Sports Car.

A ReinceĀ PriebusĀ is a person. Most notably the chairman of the Republican Party. Whose parents obviously hated him otherwise they wouldn’t have given him the name of “Reince” to go along with “Priebus.” Sounds like a foreign sports car you’d buy … Continue reading

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The British Sex Scandal: Kangaroos, Buffalos, and (gasp) Rolf Harris!

Well for cripes sakes, “Tie Me Down Kangaroo Sport,” another famous British celebrity is being investigated by authorities in the latest round of British sex scandals. OMG! Rolf Harris. Oh…geez….say it ain’t so Rolf! Not Rolf! Puleeeese…..not Rolf! I’d trade … Continue reading

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