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You Know Things Are Bad In America When Some Jerk Kills A Robot

OMFG…….look ma…..a dead robot! (Caution) The following photo contains a graphic image which may not be suitable for viewing by little children, animals, or anyone who is in an intimate relationship with a robot. Terrible isn’t it. An innocent robot … Continue reading

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A Sign*, (*signs) Of The Times, That Will Drive You Nuts.

Each and every day we are surrounded by a gazillion signs that tell us to “stop,” “go,” “yield,” “fart,”…..um, well maybe not that last one, but as far as I’m concerned they should have one like that posted around public … Continue reading

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Robot Handjobs!!! OMFG!!! ……Um how much money we talkin’ here?

Drag out the “3-In 1” oil folks and throw out all your tubes of “KY Jelly.” Might even wanna keep some Quaker State 10W40 oil handy as well. Ah, what the hell, when it comes to lubricating things might as … Continue reading

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Misfit In Playboy….Kinda: AND…..Sex With Robots

Before I get into sex with robots, and this has nothing to do with Dorothy and the Tin Man, I think, just a short mention about my big splash in this month’s “Playboy Magazine.” Sorry, I’m NOT naked or surrounded … Continue reading

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Robots Have Taken Over…A Different Version Of “Planet Of The Apes”

I’m convinced that, as a society of supposedly intelligent human beings, and I do have my doubts about that, that the personal interaction we have with one another is equal to a “Planet of the Apes.” Although sometimes I think … Continue reading

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