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I Have Determined That I Have “Poorfluenza.”

I gotta chime in on that kid that is on the lam in Mexico after fleeing the USA because he was gonna be charged for violating the rules of his probation after being responsible for the deaths of four people … Continue reading

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And All This Time I Thought An “Oligarch” Was An Animal In A Zoo.

Today’s lesson children is, WTF is an “oligarch.” If you thought as I did, that it was an animal in a zoo, you’re partially correct. Oligarch’s do belong in a zoo because they are a selected few and many of … Continue reading

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How Rich People Think. Unlike the rest of us who just say DUH!

Have you ever wondered how rich people think? That is if they actually do any thinking, because most of the time they hire people, like us, to do their thinking for them. AND….if we’re, (us low life peons) not around … Continue reading

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