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Did Ya Ever Have A Restroom Moment?

If you’re like most people, (me being one) you absolutely hate using public restrooms. BUT, on occasion, you find that you have no choice when nature comes knocking on your butt. Or some other place. Actually , that other place, … Continue reading

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Intimate Bathroom Experiences In Vienna. Pssssst….hey buddy.

Ya know, for the amount of time we Americans spend in our bathrooms, you’d think by now it would be the most lavishly furnished and decorated room in our houses. Well, um, mine already is because I’m freakin’ old and … Continue reading

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Today’s Subject: “How To Pee In A Urinal.” WTF!!!!

Look folks, I’m all for instructional videos. I find it a lot easier to watch a video on how to do something rather than try to figure it out reading a damn book. Unless the book has cartoons. BUT…do I … Continue reading

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Secret Messages In Strange Places. Like Bathrooms….Which ARE Strange To Begin With.

Yes, we’ve all been to that strange place called the bathroom. Although “bathroom” should NOT be the term for “restrooms” when you’re out and about and need to….um….er…..go. Because there are no “baths” in “restrooms” just toilets and sinks. So, … Continue reading

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