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What Difference Does It Make……….

The five most important words in the world…….according to which side of the political aisle your on. “What Difference Does It Make.” However, political aisles aside, I for one, really appreciate the media and politicians using Hillary Clinton’s famous words, … Continue reading

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First of all, to make my point, remember, women are as devious as cats…………. Ok……the beat goes on. Women’s devious plot to drive men crazy continues. No wonder we men drop like flys while women collect our life insurance policies … Continue reading

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Women’s Devious Plot To Drive Men Crazy

Originally posted on MisfitWisdom:
Hmmmmm…………how can I get away with justifiable homicide? Somedays there just is a lack of important news items that deserve commenting on here at MisfitWisdom headquarters.  I like to call it “headquarters” even though I only have a…

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Why Women Drive Men Nuts…..Part 5

I really should make this a continuing series…..”Why women drive men nuts.” Only because there’s always something a woman does to drive us men nuts. It’s just that I can’t think of all the ways until “my woman” (cave man … Continue reading

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Why Marriages Fail: Um……..from being married?

The greatest thing about the World Wide Web is that anyone can find out about anything in less than 5 seconds. Whereas, years ago, before the web, most of us were stupid and remained stupid because we were too lazy … Continue reading

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The MisfitWisdom Guide To Knowing You’ve Been Living With Someone Too Long

You know how sometimes people you see walking their pets seem to resemble their pets. It’s like, oh yeah, I want that dog because it has the same type hairdo I have. Or, gimmie a stinkin’ ferocious bad ass dog … Continue reading

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Why Men Need “Man Caves,” or….Just Plain Caves.

In the short existence that we men spend here on earth, mainly because women drive us all to an early grave, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s never a good thing to EVER argue or disagree with ANY woman … Continue reading

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