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New Emojis!!!!! Hmmmmmm……

Before long all of us will not have to speak one single word. More and more of us are using emojis to express our thoughts and feelings……..in other “words”, or not, back to where it all began…………. Yep, we’re regressing … Continue reading

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The Latest Fetish: Food Porn. Quick…pass me a banana.

Now all of us know that there are a lot of strange people roaming the earth. Besides my friend Charles who lives in the land of Oz and sends me news links about strange stuff like today’s subject, food porn. … Continue reading

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OK….My Turn To Chime In On That Sign Language Guy

The earth shattering news last week was the sign language guy who stood next to Obama and pretended to translate into sign language what Obama and every other world leader who took the stage was saying at the memorial service … Continue reading

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Late Night TV Movies Can Drive Ya Nuts!

Ok, here’s the scenario. Which I’m sure most of you have encountered at one time or another. Television programs late late at night for the most part suck. I’m talking about the early morning hours say like between 2 am … Continue reading

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