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Hey Rush! The Last Professional Hooker Madam Died In Montana.

Yes folks, a very sad day in Butte, Montana. (pronounced “beaut” and not “butt”) as some of you may think it’s pronounced, which, I can understand considering the nature of today’s blog. Little play on words there. I’m sure Rush … Continue reading

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Bristol Palin Is Waiting For President Obama To Call Her* *Subtitled: DHYHOYAW She Gets The MW FFFF Award.

Once again it is with great pride that I present the MisfitWisdom, “Flying Fickle Finger Feather Award” to Bristol Palin. Honorable mention to newt Gingrich. Presented in the category of……..”WTF.” Yes, I know that “DHYHOYAW” seems like it might be … Continue reading

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