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Reprise Sunday: Bananaphobia

Once again I’ve dug very deeply into the MisfitWisdom collection of useless blogs and from August 2010 for yet another gem. Bananaphobia……..which is the fear of bananas. Which actually some people do suffer from. Like Fran Dando, pictured below, who … Continue reading

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What Scares The Livin’ Crap Outta You?

There are a lot of things that scare the bejesus outta me. Like “Blackie” my yard snake. Only because he tends to appear suddenly without warning when I least expect it. And, those of you who follow this blog know … Continue reading

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Anatidaephobia! WTF! Another Freakin’ Phobia I Gotta Worry About.

Do you ever pay attention to any of those advertisements on TV for prescription medications. They’re all over the tube. Medications for every conceivable ailment you can think of. With six gazillion side effects to go along with them. But … Continue reading

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What’s With The “Women’s Age Phobia” Thing?

There are all kinds of phobias out there. You know, fear of things like snakes, spiders, mice the IRS.  But the worst of phobias I’ve come across is the, what I call, “Women’s Age Phobia.”  Trust me here, this is … Continue reading

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