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As you may recall, or not, (see MW blog of 10/15/15 in my archives) I wrote a blog about Playboy Magazine which plans to discontinue nudity beginning next March. First of all, many of today’s generation may say to themselves, … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again. Another Question About Why We Men, (most of us) Are Into Women’s Boobs.

First…..Happy Valentines Day…….ok…..on to the serious stuff here…………… Look folks, I’m a red-blooded American (Italian) male and if I said I wasn’t into ogling women’s boobs I’d be lying through my teeth. So, it was with curious interest that, when … Continue reading

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Humorous Reflections On Childhood Trauma: Subtitled: OMG!!! I Be Strokin’

Trauma, as defined in the MisfitWisdom dictionary of words you should know the meaning of but are too stupid to remember what it means, is defined as, “A disordered or psychic or behavioral state resulting from mental or emotional stress … Continue reading

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