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Edit, Revise, Delete, Change………………Ok……Maybeeeeeee This Will Work.

Sometimes I feel like no one reads this blog. Except for my other half…………………..um……sometimes. I say that because I really do not trust those WordPress people. Why? Ok….I’ll tell ya considering you asked. Now after five years of writing this … Continue reading

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Holy Crap….My Memory is Full….and other stupid stuff.

A friend of mine recently brought up a valid point. It concerns those warnings you get on a lot of devices like cameras and stuff that you use to take photos with or store information on. You know, the warning … Continue reading

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I Think I Need A Super Pac….HEY! It’s Worth A Shot.* *subtitled WTF!

As you all know, the consistently unpopular waste of time and good space MisfitWisdom PayPal useless good for nothing donate link is always at the bottom of every blog that you read.  Does it work? NO!  Do I get any … Continue reading

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The Misfit Wisdom Ensemble

Well, um….it’s an ensemble to me!  Which consists of a baseball cap, and several T-Shirts all of which obviously promote my daily blog and at the same time allow me to forego having to stand in front of my closet … Continue reading

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Robots Have Taken Over…A Different Version Of “Planet Of The Apes”

I’m convinced that, as a society of supposedly intelligent human beings, and I do have my doubts about that, that the personal interaction we have with one another is equal to a “Planet of the Apes.” Although sometimes I think … Continue reading

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