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New Hampshire Wants To Ban WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I don’t get too upset when politicians try to enact new laws, (yeah right) that seem rather stupid to me. Which is usually every other day. Which makes me say to myself, “Hey Mrs. Frosfern, (my high school teacher) … Continue reading

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Going Topless: And I’m NOT Talking About Driving A Convertible.

Most likely 95 % of you have never heard of actress, director and activist Lina Esco. It’s my pleasure today to make at least 2% of you, (my blog readers) aware of just who she is. As a public service … Continue reading

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Are Americans Uptight Idiots Or WHAT!

(NOTE) The cartoons in today’s blog may or may not be offensive to some of you. I posted them to make a point. Which, if you survived gawking at these cartoons without having to wash your eyeballs out with soap, … Continue reading

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