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What’s Wrong With This Picture? (laughing uncontrollably)

(this is a reblog of a post I did on 9/17/2012. It received the most views of any blog I have ever posted. Damn….even the nude shots of Kim Kardashian. Go figure. And, even though its been close to 3 … Continue reading

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Another, “He Said, I Said, They Said” Book. WTF!!!

Remember this name…..”Chuck Pfarrer”…..because it’s one of those names that’s not easy to spell…what with a “P” at the beginning when they simply could have used an “F.”  That’s like spelling Jamie Faar’s name on “M*A*S*H, Jamie Pfarrer.  Um….WAIT!…..   Maybe … Continue reading

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Osama May Have Been Into Pornography…OMG!!!

You know, just when terrorists think they have a good role model, it all goes down the ol drain.  It’s bad enough that Osama bin Laden is no longer around to show them the way, but on top of that, … Continue reading

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