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Ted Cruz Cruising Along In The Land Of Oz……..Subtitled: HE SAID WHAT??????

Cruising right along in the lant….(how Lawrence Welk would have pronounced “land”) of that wonderful philosopher Teddy Cruz, second only to that other great philosopher, Mitty Romney, (corporations are great people too ya know) ol Teddy has some pretty strange … Continue reading

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At The Vatican,The Butler Did It! Where’s Detective Columbo When Ya Need Him?

Alas, detective Columbo, (Peter Falk) has gone on to solve other major crimes, or sins, up in Heaven. BUT…if he were still with us here on earth, he most likely would have been called in to participate in the latest … Continue reading

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Secret Service Agents Couldn’t Keep Their Secret….In Their Secret Undercover Pants

It’s pretty bad when you’re a Secret Service Agent on duty in Columbia and you’re supposed to be protecting the President of the United States by being secretly hiding in bushes and trees, which is where I guess you’re supposed … Continue reading

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MW’s “Flying Fickle Finger Feather Award.” VOTERS

You’ll have to excuse me this morning folks. I just came in from the backyard where an Oak tree and myself spent some quality time together. Namely banging my head against that tree so that I can knock some freakin’ … Continue reading

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Excuse Me While I Gag Myself With A 2 by 4

Bird poop formation on a leaf. This particular formation should generate a lot of donations. Formations of tree and leaf stuff on my siding….very intricate. Ok, it’s Sunday morning.  The sun is shining, birds are chirping, squirrels running around my … Continue reading

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