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Pussy!!!!! During A Trump Campaign Rally!!! Really!!!

First I must clarify things here. The “pussy” in question is not a cute little kitty cat, such as the kind that reside in my household. (correction) Their household….I am merely the caretaker of such pussys. THE “pussy” in question … Continue reading

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I’m (reluctantly) Going To Chime In On Religion. (anyone got a biggg bell)

Yeah, I know, I’m opening a can of worms…….. But…I’m a bit sick and tired, or tired and sick, (not sure which order that goes in) about religion being shoved down people’s throats in the name of God. For instance, … Continue reading

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Yeeeeee Haaaaaa.!!! Reality At It’s Best. A Good Ol Sarah Palin Family Snowdog Race Brawl

Damn! If only the Sarah Palin Channel had enough sense to bring along their camera crews to the Iron Dog snowmobile race festivities, which, of course is a really biggggg event, and, may be spreading across the United States soon…..NOT. … Continue reading

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