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Titanic II Set To Sail Soon. Psssssst. Icebergs are lurking jussssst waiting.

Ok, I completely understand the fascination with the Titanic. Especially since Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the movie “Titanic” showed all of us just how much fun it was to be on a sinking ship. Yep, I myself, after … Continue reading

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Celebrity Endorsements……Subtitled: “Bulls**t

My apologies to all bulls. Now answer this question seriously. Are you one of those people who see a product advertised on TV by some celebrity and, because that celebrity endorses that product, you actually buy it? WHAT! Are you … Continue reading

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I Really Dig Mona Lisa…..Italians Do Too….So Much, That They’re Digging Her Up….OMG!!!

“Hey Guido….whaddya wanna do today?” “Hmmm….I dunno….letsa see….how abouta we go and digga up Mona Lisa and see if she’s still got that stupid smile on her facea.” Yep….that’s the latest news from Italy folks.  A project is now underway … Continue reading

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