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Who Said Ya Had To Be Normal To Be President of The Yew United States

The cast of characters running for the highest office in the lant, (as Lawrence Welk would say) resembles attending a Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus but with less clowns. I wondered if throughout history there may have been some … Continue reading

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So, Who “IS” Buried In Grant’s Tomb Anyway?

If you’re smart enough to know that answer, you’ve been to Grant’s Tomb. Therefore and forsooth you know the answer to that question is, “no one.” Technically. Because General Ulysses S. Grant, (no relation to actor Cary Grant, I think) … Continue reading

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Now From CNN…Um, sorry…Now From MWNN*….. *MisfitWisdom News Network

No, there actually isn’t a Misfit News Network, but there should be as far as I’m concerned. If only to have some news about other things other than that missing Malaysian airline. AT LEAST UNTIL THEY ACTUALLY FIND IT! if….they … Continue reading

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Would You Believe That Bonnie and Clyde………………………

Yep, I got that “Would You Believe” line from watching too many episodes of “Get Smart” starring Don Adams. In case you don’t remember that continuing bit during the series, here it is………..http://youtu.be/0Hd2e_tRBlY Soooooo, with regard to Bonnie and Clyde, … Continue reading

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