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Reprise Sunday: Kathy Griffin……..No……not anything to do with a severed Trump head.

Yes, we’ve all been subjected to the Earth shattering event involving Kathy Griffin this past week when she held up a severed head of Donald Trump. (not the real Donald’s head) Sometimes ya have to make these things perfectly clear. … Continue reading

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OMG!!! OMG!!!! OMG!!!!! O-M-F-G!!!!! Kathy Griffin Poses Nude!!!!

Yes! It’s true! It’s true! YES!! Yes! Almost as exciting as when Cloris Leachman admitted that Dr. Frankenstein was her…(gasp) BOYFRIEND!!! (clip below) This was the headline from the “Huffington Post.” Kathy Griffin Poses Nude For Glamorous Poolside Photo Shoot … Continue reading

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Kathy Griffin Strips On TV……”AGAIN!” Check Your Local Listings For More.

Kathy Griffin, comedian and prospective promoter of underwear accessories once again stripped on national television. This time on the “David Letterman Show.” You may recall that she also stripped on New Year’s Eve while co host Anderson Cooper stood by … Continue reading

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