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NO! I Don’t Want A Freakin’ Smartphone! My Dumb Phone Works Just Fine.

I get asked this question constantly by my friends, all three of them. “Hey…..how come you don’t have a smartphone?” To which I reply. “Because my dumb phone works just fine thank you.” Then they go into explaining all the … Continue reading

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HEY GOOGLE! What Part Of I Can’t Text While Driving Did You Not Get When You Invented THIS!*

*”THIS”……being the latest nerd invention from those brainiacs at “Google” that everyone is gonna go bonkers over, including anyone who makes laws, who will immediately introduce legislation to ban this item while you’re driving, walking, eating, having sex, or reading … Continue reading

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I’m Losing The Technology Battle……But I Refuse To Surrender Just Yet.

Remember that song….if you’re old enough to remember it, “I Fought The Law” by the Bobby Fuller Four? If you’re not, it’s available on YouTube.  I think I may have posted it in one of my blogs last week as … Continue reading

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