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Days or Nights………….. Whatever……. You Might Want To Celebrate In August…or not.

As we slowly slither out of an agonizing (political conventions) month of July it may be the month of August and some interesting days to celebrate to bring you back to sanity. Or not. (NOTE) If you totally lost it … Continue reading

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Football Is F**king Up My Mindless TV Programs…WTF!!!

Can ya tell I absolutely hate football. So sue me already. Never got into the jock game and never will. Nope just not my bag. Or ball. Fine if you’re a football fan. Good for you. But my thing is … Continue reading

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Distressing News: Danica Patrick Won’t Appear Nude……Yet.

And neither will her race car. Rats! Jay Busbee, in “Marbles,” whatever the hell that site is, (hope they have all of their’s) reports that Danica Patrick has said that she will not appear nude in “ESPN’s” body issue. Or … Continue reading

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Cows May Soon Be In The Unemployement Line….A Moooooving Story

A recent news item I happened to come across mentioned briefly that some restaurants are considering offering patrons cowless hamburgers. This wasn’t earth shattering news to me because I’ve actually eaten a hamburger that did not require the demise of … Continue reading

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