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Preston, Connecticut, The Entertainment Capital of the World? Really!

Here I reside in a small rural town on the shores of the beautiful Thames River. Ok..ok…so maybe there really isn’t a “shore” to speak of worth dragging the family to and take a dip in the water. BUT……..take a … Continue reading

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Wanna Good Deal On the Brooklyn Bridge? Um…WAIT! I have a better deal.

First of all, let me state that today’s blog will NOT be of interest to anyone outside the Connecticut area. Actually, it’ll interest no one outside of my town. So, if you do not give a rats ass about local … Continue reading

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Pregnant Moms Claim They Are Being Haunted. Um, by what?

Sometimes I feel like I’m getting way too much information by surfing the Internet. I never used to worry about a lot of stuff like giant snails and man-eating ants etc. Now I’m becoming paranoid about everything. I really gotta … Continue reading

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Hey Rush! The Last Professional Hooker Madam Died In Montana.

Yes folks, a very sad day in Butte, Montana. (pronounced “beaut” and not “butt”) as some of you may think it’s pronounced, which, I can understand considering the nature of today’s blog. Little play on words there. I’m sure Rush … Continue reading

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