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I Believe I’ve Exceeded My WTF Level

With only a mere four agonizing months left to go before the presidential election, I definitely have reached my WTF level. Yup…..(as Mitch McConnell would say) when I get ballistic over politics it’s time to chill out. I reached that … Continue reading

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Why Doesn’t McDonalds, Burger King and Wendys Have Home Delivery?

Go ahead….laugh.  You think I’m nuts suggesting that all three of these fast food places should consider home delivery. Yeah…..well they laughed at Ralph Kramden on the “Honeymooners” too when he used to say, “One of these days Alice….POW….right to da … Continue reading

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What Happens When You Have Lack of Concentration

When writing these blogs I tend to concentrate on one subject, which usually depends on how long I can actually concentrate on one subject.  Which usually isn’t very long. I have a short attention span. Which I think most short … Continue reading

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The Newt Says, “Hey, I Can Get You Gas For $2.50 A Gallon.”

But he didn’t say what planet he obviously would be living on to get that $2.50 a gallon price. Now look folks. I’m no freakin’ dummy. I did not fall off of the avocado boat yesterday.  It was some time … Continue reading

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