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Preston, Connecticut, The Entertainment Capital of the World? Really!

Here I reside in a small rural town on the shores of the beautiful Thames River. Ok..ok…so maybe there really isn’t a “shore” to speak of worth dragging the family to and take a dip in the water. BUT……..take a … Continue reading

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#!@$%#@! SNOW!!!!

OK….ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!! Spring is a few weeks away and the croci (more than one damn crocus) need CPR. WTF! It’s almost time to “Spring” forward by setting the clocks ahead one hour (this weekend) and I’m saying to myself, “WHY!  Spring … Continue reading

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Problem Gambling? Call The 1-800…Um…WAIT!

This is one of my monthly blogs that I like to call, “A DUH Blog.” Like I’ll read a news story and say to myself, DUH! Or, WTF! Or, “Let me see if I understand this correctly.” Which happens quite … Continue reading

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Soooo Much Stuff. Soooo Little Time To Write About It.

Actually I have plenty of time to write about stuff, it’s just that so much stuff has happened since my last blog that it’s overloading my brain. Which, isn’t a good thing because you know what happens to older people … Continue reading

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Foxwoods Casino Sez To Seniors: “Stay Home” Oops..”The Blunder Of It All.”

(UPDATE) Foxwoods as of 7/26/12 still denies that Butera said what he said about seniors. However, the Boston Globe still stands behind its original report. The Derby, Ct. Senior Center seniors are boycotting Foxwoods and since this report the casino … Continue reading

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