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Beam Me Up Scotty. Um……..WAIT!!!!!

To set the tone for today’s blog: Along with a lead in to this joke……………. Jack walks into a bar and spots his friend Mike sitting at the bar having a drink with his head hung down and looking kind … Continue reading

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Stop Me Before I Write Another Stupid Letter To “Dear Abby”

There are many ways for people to make themselves look like complete idiots. I, for one, do it on a constant basis by writing this daily blog. BUT…that said, my own idiot status is only known to the over 300 … Continue reading

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Nothing Like A “What People Earn” Article In Parade Magazine To Make You Feel Worthless

Every year “Parade Magazine” feels that it’s necessary to print a list of what people across the U.S. earn. Which is great if you ever gave a rats ass about who’s making more money than you. And, you wanna feel … Continue reading

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