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HEY! If Ya Like Donald Trump, Here’s Some Other Suggestions For Presidential Candidates

Ok, here’s my theory on Donald Trump folks. Why is he “presently” leading in the polls? Simple, he’s a celebrity. People are into celebrities, reality shows, and celebrities who don’t give a rats ass about who they offend, what they … Continue reading

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Dennis Rodman Said WHAT!!!!!!

Hey…..WTF is Dennis Rodman doing using my “rats ass?” Yeah Dennis…..There’s no way I want you using my rat and his ass in your comments to CNN’s Chris Cuomo about your trip to North Korea. Ok, I know you got … Continue reading

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Phil Robertson Continues To Give Ducks A Bad Name

Ok, the first comments made by “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson I kinda let slide. I figure that any guy who is friendly with ducks can’t be that bad of a guy. Besides, I think he was quoting from the … Continue reading

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Never Trust A Squirrel. A Live One or A Ceramic One.

I usually like to center on current events topics that are of a cutting edge nature that affect all of us with a bit of humor thrown in. Just so that I can make my point without being too serious. … Continue reading

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