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Donald Trump For President? Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha……..um…soreeeeeee.

Donald Trump for president……..OMFG! Oops…sorry God, I know you’ve had a hand in creating job presidents as The Donald sez….so…..I’m soreeee. OK…..OK…….the dog’s right. I’m NOT sorry. Maybe The Donald IS right. After all, with his bucks he probably has … Continue reading

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Now Why Would North Korea Hack My Computer?

I don’t get it. Why TF would Kim Robert Young Un want with my computer information? Oh, wait….sorry, got his name wrong there. Sorry Kim. No disrespect intended. His real name is Kim Jong-Un. He succeeded his father, Kim Jong-il, … Continue reading

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What’s With The Obsession With Nazi’s After All These Years? And That Guy Sieg Heil.

In a lot of news stories about radicals and nut jobs there always seems to be some obsession or connection to Nazis. You know, those no goodniks from World War II. Which I’m mentioning jusssst in case you never heard … Continue reading

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Anatidaephobia! WTF! Another Freakin’ Phobia I Gotta Worry About.

Do you ever pay attention to any of those advertisements on TV for prescription medications. They’re all over the tube. Medications for every conceivable ailment you can think of. With six gazillion side effects to go along with them. But … Continue reading

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So Like, What’s Going On With Kim Jong-um Anyhow? Oops….sorry, it’s Kim Jong un.

Now personally I could care less about Kim Jong-un. Only because he’s never read any of my blogs nor does he allow anyone, I assume, to read them in North Korea. This really ticks me off because I’ve always said … Continue reading

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Donald Trump and Donald Duck Might Be The Same Person

Lately there’s been a lot of speculation that there seems to be a resemblance between Donald Trump and Donald Duck.  This stems from some of the loony things Donald has done over the past few years, and, most recently his … Continue reading

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