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Rabbits Are Getting Stoned? Who TF Researched THIS Problem? AND…….

AND…..who paid for this research….AND WTF…..WHY!!!!!!   Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast (who were probably stoned along with these rabbits) Ok…..poor Abby Haglage, probably started out in life going to school and I would assume college in the hope … Continue reading

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Rabbits May Be Getting Stoned Outta Their Carrots On Pot….OMFG!!!! Honest!!!

News item: (quotes from “Liberals Unite” website) The headline read: “DEA¬† AGENT PREDICTS DOPE-CRAZED RABBITS IF UTAH PASSES MARIJUANA BILL” “The State of Utah is considering a bill legalizing the use of edible forms of marijuana for certain debilitating medical … Continue reading

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But Grandma….What A Biggggg Stash You Have!

Yep, this photo you’re looking at is that of a hardened criminal. A drug kingpin. And now she’s facing the full wrath of the law in Oklahoma after being nailed by the Gestapo for being in possession of over 4 … Continue reading

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